Monday, September 18, 2006

Inner Mongol Restaurant (Mongolian cruisine)-[Updated]

Day 10:
Boiled 5 eggs the day before and mashed them up + salt + pepper + mayo to make egg sandwich
So, thats what i took the entire day + about
4 slices of bread (1 for breakfast and 3 for lunch)
Didn't have dinner bcause was knock-off by the time i reach home at close to 12am with a throbbing headache

Day 11:
BF- None

Lunch- fried rice
Dinner- sushi king

Day 12:
BF: Bread

Lunch: None

Dinner: a hearty meal at "Inner Mon
ggol" Restaurant (near the Old Pudu Jail)

Ah...I realy eat till my heart's content today...its Sunday anyway right! Day of rest for everything and that includes my Diet lah!! haha....excuses. Anyway, I'd really like to recommend this place to those food lovers out there that wants to try something different, this place is a must visit! I'm sorry no pics nor more information as It didn't struck me to blog about it.

This restaurant is located behind Berjaya Times Square (take the road between Times Square & the old Pudu Jail and its on the left, you won't miss it). The food there is rather special....typical chinese food but very unique....reasonably priced too. Tried the pig ears!! eeeee.....but yummie at the same time. Most of the food are a little spicy but bearable. The lamb shank is veryyyy yummieeeee!!!! Been there twice already...will take pictures the next time. :)

Got some pics from the hubby's phone......

Ps. Weighted myself today. Think I lost about 1kg only. Why har???? 1
2 days and only 1 kg?? which I'm positive i'm able to put back at 1 sitting loh.....
Crazy body. Work with me can or not??!
If its water retention as wuching suggested, anyone know how to purge them !??

Since I'm in a pretty good mood......Lemme show you Ms.FATshion pigging out at Inner Mongol. FAT RIGHT???!!!!


Wuching said...

i kg still effort mah..keep it up!

Anonymous said...

If you lose too much, too fast - you're gonna pile them back on faster.

Have a good week, FA. :)

Anonymous said... diet program isn't working...thinking of abandoning it... :P

Naddy said...

dear, u have to take supplements also... yesterday someone said i lost some weight :) even tho on the weighing scale i dun loose as much coz i take soy protein and it builds muscle...and muscle is heavier than fat... and i'm sure it also bcoz i took the carbohydrate blocker.. (no drugs, it's all organic n natural)

but keep it up! u can do it! i know coz i've been there, done that... u saw my pics kan...

Fashionasia said...

wuching: thanks for the word of encouragement!!

Jemima: slow n steady rite?!! the goal is by DEC!! hehe...thanks for the encouragement too!! & good week to u 2!

laksa: sometimes i just wanna give up and say "screw it!!!" and embrace all the "big is beautiful" "more of me to love" mombo jumbo rite?!!!

naddy: do u go to gym? i think i need gym....heheh......the suppliments, apa nama?? i'm apprehensive over all the pill-pill thingy lar!ya, saw the pics....U look beauuuutiful now dear!!! :>

Innitially i wanna post my pigging out pic la...but after pixeliting my face, im still scare someone's gonna recognize me!!! im too paranoid!! haha

boo_licious said...

Go Diet! We had the steamboat. Will try and put those pixs up if Photobucket cooperates.

Anonymous said...

mmm..that's u? you're not fat lah, cmon!

but cut down on the bread it'll add 1 inch to your waist yearly!!!

D said...

Heya thanks for visiting my blog. Diet? That's all negative talk.. we only live once haha.

Anonymous said...

My Goodness! If you call yourself FAT, then your hubby must have taken a photo of another woman dining at your table. hehe

Come on, FA! You're not fat. It's just your imagination. ;)

Naddy said...

i do aerobics at home only and lot's of 'walking' in shopping malls does help also lah i think ehehehe

tq 4 da complimenets... i was once like you also, very skeptical about pills2 thingy... but i read a lot now on nutritions, go for health talk etc... so more aware and more knowledge abt it now... am still learning coz very interesting.... if u interested in the supplements will email you the details... i've been taking them for years and they keep me looking young and healthier....

Wuching said...

update: ur not fat!

Anonymous said...

hey dear

newsflash : you're hawt, girl. if that is called fat, then half the women in my office are obese...muahaha

Fashionasia said...

boo: I must go back again to try the steamboat! im sure its superb..

d: hah...thanks for the positive vibes! :P

jemima: ah...but thats careful selection of clothes...see its BLACK....why? to hide the buldge!!!kekeke

naddy: hehe...uve just encourage me to go shopping more often!!! more walking and i forget about food too! email me some info bout the carbo blocker thingy..

wuching: thank u....u r so kind!!u havent seen full body pic yet. :P

laksa: yala...but i've in average put on 1 KG per year for the past 10 years. 10 KG is ALOT OF fats lehhhh

Anonymous said...

Good luck on your diet! :) btw I rather liked the steamboat but the herby taste got to me after one too many trips there (and I'm usually a herbal soup fan).

meglittlemeg said...

just pass by your blog.. and i DON'T think u are FAT! ...

see ya! :)

Fashionasia said...

tuk: havent tried the steamboat! i think i should try...

meglittlemeg: meg! thanks alot!!! hehe...just lost 2kg and im feeling goood

Anonymous said...

kakaka, u dun look fat in that pic at all.
i read yesterday that eating baked tomatos once or twice a week can help lose weight