Monday, September 18, 2006

ZA Concealer Perfection & Etthusais Base Care Concealer

1 of my readers ask me if there is any way to reduce those dark circles or what i call the "panda eyes" syndrome.

Well....1 advice.
hehe....of course its not that easy to rid of it lah apart from having enough rest, you can also follow some regime like doing regular face-mask; do the cucumber thingy or buy some products for it.
Frankly i've never had that problem....perhaps once awhile but not very prominent. The only product that I've tried is from Estee Lauder called Uncircle. Perhaps you may want to try that.

However, concealers are pretty handy in hiding those unsightly dark-circles.
I've recently bought the ZA concealer perfection.

I'm not exactly a ZA fan, but I tried this on and its a pretty good deal to replace my almost-running-out Etthusais Base Care Concealer

Medicated Concealer
A spot concealer that conceals and corrects acne and acne scars. Price: S$35

The ZA concealer only cost RM29.90 as oppose to the Etthusais which costs about RM60 the last time i bought it couple years ago.

Concealers are usefull for couple of reasons:
  • Pre-makeup: Use them before you apply your foundation to cover up all the un-even skin tones like pimples, ache scars, dark circles...etc.
  • Post-makeup: Bring them along everywhere you go since its such a small tube, you can dab them on when the effects of your foundation starts thinning and the scars/pimples are showing. Perfect for cover-up and touch-ups.

I really do feel that concealers are understated, do try some of the products available like the loreal touche magique that I wrote before, also there is this concealer stick from TheBodyShop at a very affordable price of below RM20.
Check them out especially for pimple-face teenagers with low self esteem.....concealers are God sent!
Hope this helps!

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Anonymous said...

then how bout freckles?? seem cant conceal at all. Once u put the concealer, it seems conceal. but when u wanna touch it up by putting foundation, all the concealer seems to be fading and can see the freckles.