Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I think I breezed through it

Dear lovely people

Thanks for the concern regarding my "lau sai" issue in my previous post..
haha....i must thank God because miraculously it just stopped about an hour before the Interview!! *Phewwww*

I guess by not eating lunch helps because by evening I have nothing left to "lau sai" lo.......I only kept on drinking alot of plain water.

Regarding the interview......i'm still keeping my fingers crossed....although I think i breezed through is still far to early to speculate....You know la MNC.....the process is long....there will be aptitude tests.....2nd interview...3rd interview....etc....etc......Much more agony to endure before emerging victorious i must say...
Just like the one i went through couple months ago......there was the initial interview....then the aptitude test i took which i thought was rather fun....i love IQ tests!! hehe...then there was the interview with the GM....then the HR interogation(tele-interview) and then came the final offer. Gosh so arduous. I dont fancy going through all this often...

oh and btw, its the Jusco members day sales.....and the crowd!! oh my gosh!!! I am sooooooo NOT going!!! Passed by 1U this morning around 9-ish and by-golly the cars from all direction heading to Jusco was crazily wild!!! and it wasnt even open yet!!! Scary people....and somemore its a working day.... eh you all noneed to work wan izzit??


chong y l said...

faK I noned to work wan, in answer to your izzIT? But I wasn't among the clowd jamming 1U... is it true, such a ranking university in thy list, ah?

PS: Desi s-logs 8 hrs noaways, cf 4 previously, Cos(T) of inflation.

Wuching said...

got work, but always got time to read about ur lau sai story!

Anonymous said...

i was there b4 9am ehehe coz I send my hubby to work (he works in one utama itself)... and no, i'm not working for ppl, so no need to take leave or mc ehehehe

the sale was ok lah i find, quite worth it to get some of the stuffs... but cannot tahan the rudeness of most of the ppl i.e customers there... they know how to say "excuse me" but dunno how to say "thank you" when you give way to them... nevertherless, still meet/make some new friends there....

Anonymous said...

Keep us posted regarding the job, my friend. :)

Really BUZY time at work, so no time for shopping. :(

Anonymous said...

Oh no wonderla. Yesterday I was rushing from work to gym (in One U) and was wondering why was the area so jammed up with cars!

Now I know :)

Anonymous said...

Actually it was my day off yesterday *gleeful smile*. I was there at 9, jam wasn't so bad, such a breeze to find parking. Bought some t-shirts for my son, and hauled home lots of food!!

Anonymous said...

well, good luck - hope you get it :)

Fashionasia said...

desi: more work means business is good!! :> quit complaining!!

wuching: thankewww honoured that u read my lau sai story..

naddy:haha!! so u were one of the culprit oso la! show us the loot...anything worth buying ke?

jemima: sure will......dun worry i din go either...hehe

angie: yupyup!! im sure u took ages to find a parking spot?

clair: you toooo!!!! haha...any good bargains?

laksa: thanks! i hope so too