Thursday, September 14, 2006

Big Mouth

I've noticed that the only cosmetic item that is a hit in the western countries that will never (have yet to) make it in Asian countries are the pucker plummer lippy's. You know how the people in the west think that thick, pouty lips are sexy?! Of course I think they're just obssessed with Angelina Jolie or Pamela Anderson.......
Lip plumper are really a big hit among celebrities and plum-em-up lip balms are selling like hot cakes. If you head over to the well-known beauty company like Sephora, you will definately see lip plumpers there be it lipsticks, lip gloss or lip balms. Of course cosmetic surgery or injections are also extremely popular.

eg. Lip Venom by DuWop
(the name lip "Venom" itself already makes my lips feel painful....)

This one is from philosophy and it kinda makes me chuckle...the name is called Big Mouth!! haha......self explainatory isn't it?

However, it is different over here in the asian continent. I guess it is due to the fact that our epitome of beauty are a little different....

"beautiful" was and have always been judged base on these 3 criteria.

  • Big eyes
  • Sharp(high) nose
  • Small lips (especially among the chinese and japanese as well)

And so I guess thats a good thing and I hope the trend doesnt blow this way......... I sure wont like to have swollon bee stung lips on my pucker!!


Wuching said...

raspberry lips!

Anonymous said...

I don't need those - I've got naturally big pouty lips.

I guessed it's my tough luck if no one lkes them as they are. hehe

Fashionasia said...

wuching: yummieee lippy ya?!

jem: wah...naturally sexy lo!!!