Thursday, September 14, 2006

Day 7 , Day 8 and Day 9

Day 7 : LAU SAI day
BF: 1 slice of wholemeal bread + cheese
Lunch: 1 cup of chicken soup + wholemeal crackers + 1 slice of wholemeal bread
Dinner: home cooked Rice + tofu + vege + cod fish

Day 8:
BF: none
Lunch: hainanesse noodles
Tea: some vege crackers
Dinner: 2 slices of bread (big raisin ones)

Day 9:
BF: 1/2 a slice of bread
Lunch: char siew rice
Dinner: Rice + chicken + pumpkins
(had some chocolates too)

Till today there is no weight reduction despite not eating much.....and all the lau sai-ing .........or am my definition of "not much" needs some tweaking?? haha.....Well, at least the weight is stagnant...... Really dont know why izzit soooo difficult to loose the desired weight....i mean i already cut down the portions....refrain from eating my favourite junk food like LAYS potato cream...etc


nyonyapenang said...

i think your makan for the whole day will not even sustain me for half a day. LOL

Anonymous said...

Try to incorporate some light exercises? Maybe you can start with brisk walking daily before or after work for 20min first. Dieting alone very difficult la, been there done that. Hehe

Anonymous said...

I agree with blissful.delirium.

Exercise will help. But no exertion 'cos you're not eating enough.

Btw, how much is your water (liquid) intake? Just water, soup & non-sugar stuff, I hope. ;)

KittyCat said...

Hi! Ya, ur diet doesn't seem enough to keep u goinglah so ur body may be hanging on tightly to fat stores. Try eating a nice, hearty breakfast and then taper down lunch and dinner. Yup, exercise helps a lot. Take it fr someone who put on 20kg during pregnancy ok? Good luck!

Btw, I loved Clinique's liquid gloss which is now discontinued. In your expert opinion, is there any replacement? Dun like Lancome's 'Juicy Tubes' or Estee Lauder's or Bobbi Brown. I actually found it hard to wipe off BB's lipgloss altho super shiny O_O

Fashionasia said...

nyonyapenang: my diet will fail if i stay in penang ok!!! haha... how do u stay slim n trim?

angie: I only excercise once a week...which is insufficient i know....need to device something or....join gym

jemima: actually i've always eat very little...if i eat a little big more also will put on weight i try to drink more greentea and fruit juices for the nutrients

kittycat: thats my problem time to have good day-meal, night-meal is heavy....which is bad i know!....
lipgloss favourite changes very often but at the moment is Fasio by Kose. I like the texture..
Lancolm is really blehhh bcos the color and the gloss doesnt blend, if you leave them idle the color will sink to the bottom and the clear gloss on top. I thought Estee lauder's gloss is really good! i've been using it and I like it very much. Other than that, cant think of any...oh ya! Christian Dior!!! I really like the Dior Addict plastic gloss version. (Not the tube one)..

Wuching said...

its probably just water retention..give it a couple of days & u'll see ur weight plummets!

Sharon said...

hey, just stumbled across ur blog and i love it at first sight! LOL

i believe u'll be a motivation for me to lose weight too. I've been trying to diet for quite some time now but seems like not much accomplishment >_<