Friday, September 08, 2006

Friday Lippy Post -- Fasio Lip Gloss

Before I went to Australia, I was looking around for a good lipgloss, not too bulky...with a hint of pink hue....thats my requirement. The reason is because well, lipgloss is a must for travelling if you want to keep your lips protected and i don't have any pink color glosses.

I chanced upon Fasio in Watsons and so happen that they were having 15% discount or something....
And i saw this fantastic color i instantly knew i must get that!

Fasio is a Japanese brand, by Kose Corp, Tokyo. The one i bought (no.007) is pink....but kinda mettalic in a way that the shine is so beautiful. Also, after using it I really love it! The round-tip applicator is really cool, it is able to help you spread the gloss around your lips evenly.

I use the Fasio lip lipstick in pink No.851 as base and top up with this lipgloss in No.007 Shocking-Rosa.
Just so beautiful!!! (I only realize that when I come back and looking through the photos......and was thinking to myself.....dang wat beautiful lip-color i had on....and i thought hard what combination lippy I used that day)

The lipstick is a small little trial version I got inside the Seventeen Event goody bag couple of years ago. The color is nice.....probably gonna be buying it when i see a Fasio counter.


Anonymous said...

You've just reminded me of what I need to get when I go shopping tomorrow. Thanks for the review. :p

Have a great weekend!

Wuching said...

why u no show us a pic of that voluptuos lips!

Fashionasia said...

Jemima: Shopping? but the sales is over! wait abit if its not urgent...or unless there are sales on.....raya sales gonna start soon...

wuching: come here i'll give u a sloppy sticky smack.....*make kissing sound*

Anonymous said...

Hahaha..Ntw, I'm only going to shop for groceries & will be making a stop at the pharmacy. ;)

Arena Green said...

Hi Ms Fashion! I saw the advert on the latest RevlonColorstay lipstick with "soflex" technology & succumbed to temptation at Watson's yesterday .. bought #260 Plush Peony, a lovely shimmery pink shade at RM29.90 intro price.

Texture is smooth - glides on really well. As to staying power - dun know yet. But at least it ain't dry. Thought you might be interested to try this!