Friday, September 29, 2006


Wuching's post on boy's toys (although he calls them figurines but a toy is a toy la....)
had brought me to think about toys during my childhood.

Although I must say that i grew up a happy kid being the only girl, I pretty much have what I wanted most of the time like them Barbie dolls and Ken......masak masak set....kitchenette set....sewing machine...fancy iron....ya know all those girlie toys....

However, there is 1 thing that I've always wanted during my childhood that has yet to materialize......that own a Carebear. Yup......a Carebear!

I'm glad that I grew up with cartoons the likes of Carebears and My little Pony........ the values and morales that have instilled in me is priceless. Kids these days grow up with funny cartoons like Pinky and the Brain......south Park and what not nonsense.....To me, carebear was my ultimate favourite cartoon and everytime I watch an episode I feel good inside.

Carebears are wonderful. There are many types of carebears like Tender-heart bear, Cheer Bear, Wish Bear, Laugh-A-lot Bear....etc.... Each and every bear has its own character and values. I think my favourite must be Cheer Bear and Wish Bear. I love The rainbow in Cheer Bear and I love that Wish Bear can somehow magically wish something to come true.....

I googled and here are some interesting information about them and coincidentally..........the 2 are best of friends!!! 2 of my favourites!!

Cheer Bear is a very happy Care Bear who helps others see the bright side of life. She will sometimes even do a cheer to help make someone happier. Wherever she goes, Cheer Bear wears a symbol of hope and happiness—a rainbow.
Caring Mission: Cheers people up.
Symbol: Her rainbow symbol represents hope.
Personality: Happy and upbeat.
Character Quirk: Sometimes communicates through rhyming cheers.
Color: Pink.
Best Friend: Wish Bear
Relationship Challenge: Grumpy Bear - she's always trying to cheer him up!
Motto: When in doubt, SMILE!

Do you have a wish? Then Wish Bear is the bear you should wish for. She knows that sometimes wishes come true, and that even when they don't, making wishes can be a lot of fun. She shows this with her tummy symbol—a smiling wishing star.
Caring Mission: Helps wishes come true.
Symbol: Wish Bear's shooting star with a rainbow tail reminds us to believe in our dreams.
Personality: Quiet and shy.
Character Quirk: Can sometimes "magically" make the wishes come true—but not always, and sometimes the wishes come true in funny ways.
Color: Aqua.
Best Friend: Cheer Bear
Relationship Challenge: Sometimes Good Luck Bear teases her into arguments about who is luckier.
Motto: Your wish is my wish!

Soooooooo Cute isn't it?!!!
I really must get myself a carebear...........anyone know where I can find them in Malaysia???

Visit this site for more interesting information about all the carebears available!!



Wuching said...

did u know cheer bear is gay? coz she's happy & wears a rainbow which is the synbol for gay pride! clone troopers will pwn ur care bears!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i love care bears during my childhood days :)

Anne Bucoy said...

came across your blog and i love it!
carebears r cute and i like to hear their voices ;p
neway hope you can stop by at mine and just leave any comments...

Anonymous said...

I like all 19 but I was really hoping to find an Angel Bear or a Fashion Bear. ;)

disco-very said...

ooooh, my sister used to have a Wish Bear toy! so cuddly. i used to watch the movie over and over again.

*Forest of Feelings, Care-a-lot and Earth aren't far apart...
They differ in some ways, some ways not,
'Cause home is in your heart*

i loved that song, although i confess i liked transformers and thundercats better. :P

Anonymous said...


i think that's about as much as i can comment on such a girly post...haha