Saturday, August 12, 2006

Self Pampering Day

Phew...what a tough week for me.
Was sick most days this week but still had to work.....due to commitments.
Although I was totally surviving everyday on Panadol (for fever n flu) I didn't getto go to the doctors so no MC. Boohoo!

Thank God its Saturday already!
Its 1.30am now but i can't sleep because I just had my dinner. about weird timing.
Anyway, I've decided that 2morrow is self pampering day for me. I'm gonna drop by the hairsaloon and have a haircut later today. After I wake-up from my much deprived sleep that is. Well, its probably gonna be noon.
I'll decide later if im gonna need any threatment this time around. Else just a regular wash and blow would be fine.
Boy i love saturdays.

Have a great weekend! ! Cheers!!!


Anonymous said...

There's only a few hours of the weekend left.. so make the most of it & I hope you'll have a great week ahead. :p

Arena Green said...

Take care Ms Fashion! It's not very fashionable to stay in bed the whole day, hehe...

chong y l said...


It's fashionable nowadays to f'ee'lan'', you know.

Then you can push -- like Desi here -- saturdays into mondaes and tuesdaes. Avoid pushing beyond wedNURSEdaes because then the CON BF may not arrive sext Sundae!:) Bad advice from a senor On blues MoUrndae, steal Sat to Me!:)~

Fashionasia said...

thanks Amelia! I did rest well on Sat

AM: Saturday is sleep till noon day!! :> But i woke up at 11nish...notbad. hehe

desi: Monday decides to drop by on a bluemountain monday.....sigh....i miss bluemountain!!!!