Saturday, August 12, 2006

Self Pampering Day

Phew...what a tough week for me.
Was sick most days this week but still had to work.....due to commitments.
Although I was totally surviving everyday on Panadol (for fever n flu) I didn't getto go to the doctors so no MC. Boohoo!

Thank God its Saturday already!
Its 1.30am now but i can't sleep because I just had my dinner. about weird timing.
Anyway, I've decided that 2morrow is self pampering day for me. I'm gonna drop by the hairsaloon and have a haircut later today. After I wake-up from my much deprived sleep that is. Well, its probably gonna be noon.
I'll decide later if im gonna need any threatment this time around. Else just a regular wash and blow would be fine.
Boy i love saturdays.

Have a great weekend! ! Cheers!!!


Amelia said...

There's only a few hours of the weekend left.. so make the most of it & I hope you'll have a great week ahead. :p

Anak Merdeka said...

Take care Ms Fashion! It's not very fashionable to stay in bed the whole day, hehe...

desiderata said...


It's fashionable nowadays to f'ee'lan'', you know.

Then you can push -- like Desi here -- saturdays into mondaes and tuesdaes. Avoid pushing beyond wedNURSEdaes because then the CON BF may not arrive sext Sundae!:) Bad advice from a senor On blues MoUrndae, steal Sat to Me!:)~

Fashionasia said...

thanks Amelia! I did rest well on Sat

AM: Saturday is sleep till noon day!! :> But i woke up at 11nish...notbad. hehe

desi: Monday decides to drop by on a bluemountain monday.....sigh....i miss bluemountain!!!!