Friday, August 11, 2006

A safer place to stay

Refering to TheStar today "Creating Safe City is top priority"

What more can we ask for but a safer city to live in.

In deed the government's current innitiative to create a safer city is commendable. Of course, as usual, it did not come easy. Many lives had to be sacrificed to move our government to do something about the rising crime rate. My personal account definately did not trigger any responds. Why? because I was not hurt, and i did got get slashed, and i didn't die.

Sad but true that something must happen to trigger the nation to do something about it.
By something, i would expect more petrol services or more warning billboards about the consequences of murder...etc......
But.....i guess the government have only 1 track mind. CCTV, CCTV and more CCTV.
Now i know that CCTV doesn't come cheap and it is great at tracking down people. But thats my point, really. CCTV is good for "TRACKING" down people and helping the police solve cases.
It is good for "POST" incident. Thats my point. We don't want to spend more money only to be able to solve a case WHEN something happens. We want more solutions that can STOP criminals from doing their dirty tricks altogether. I know it isnt easy. Perhaps by installing CCTV the criminals may think twice before they act. BUT, some brainless nutcase couldnt care less about CCTV! Heck they don't even know what is CCTV!!!

I really don't know how the police force think, sometimes I feel like i want to stranggle them cops when I see them hiding in 1 corner around the bush "waiting" for some people to make an offense and then come-out to catch them. To me, this is NOT the way to educate the public. If you really don't want the public to break and offense, you should park yourself right in the open. When the public sees you, they will be extra careful to NOT break and offense.

I hope the government will spend money wisely and not on CCTV alone because that will only help increase CCTV sales. But the root of the problem will not be solved. Public education is important. They should be educated about the seriousness of the crime and be aware of the consequences of it all. Basically we want a peaceful society, and seriously after my personal snatch thief experience, it changed my outview of life. When i'm walking alone, I walk like a crazy women everytime. Looking left then right then left again.....walking few steps and looking back...I constantly feel as-if someone is following me. I get paranoid over little creeking sounds.....i get scared and jump when someone come up to me in a sudden.....After 3 years, I'm still traumatized. It doesnt go away. The emotional injury....its hard to heal.


Anonymous said...

Hear! Hear! I couldn't have said it better myself.

This is no longer a safe place to live in these days. We get road bullies, carpark snatchers, rapes, child abuse & so the list goes.

Likewise, I was also a victim of snatch theft a couple of years ago. :(
I, too, am still traumatized by it even though I also didn't sustained any physical injuries.

Guess it is like all personal emotional injuries, it may never heal.. unless I develop Alzheimer's first.

Anonymous said...

London made it work...why can't KL? =)

Anonymous said...

Creating a safer environment cannot happen overnight - it'll have to take time and it requires more than physical changes (ie CCTV, etc) but a shift in the mindset. How many of us are willing to help out when we see our neighbours or strangers in trouble?

Economic issues are another thing - too many jobless people without enough work opportunities may result in desperate people willing to take matters into their own hands to feed themselves.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, imagine this lah...we see ppl in trouble on the road also we can be afraid to help. Why? Coz ppl used those kinda tactics to rob ppl before.

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