Friday, August 18, 2006

Mossimo Swim Collection

Next Week....
If This blog is not being updated, That means that Ms.Fashionasia is in an Island somewhere wearing her new bikini top and sun bathing. Woohoo....

I wonder if there is still time to order this from Target. Hmm...must check if they deliver to Malaysia first. Anyhow....Isnt this black&white mossimo embroidered swimwear just divine?? I like the white one.

Have a Happy Weekend!!


Anonymous said...

Black & White are my fave colours.
I like both of them. :p

Do let us know if they do deliver. Thanks & have a good time. ;)

Anonymous said...

i like the black and white one better :)

Pity can't see FA in it... :( guess will just have to imagine... *sigh*

Anonymous said...

i really doubt that they deliver to Malaysia. But to tell you the truth, Target is very good with things other than fashion. I suggest you to check out Victoria's Secret. The semi annual sales are really good. Very cheap. It's twice a year, June-July and January

Fashionasia said...

jemima: i love black n white too!! I love black as base and white prints. My hubby love white base and black prints! :>

laksa: i tot the white one is more sexy?!! hehe.....i like the belt thingy on the white one....i love little details!! :>

Sea_Life: I know target ships to singapore but not sure about Msia. Does Victoria secret ship to Malaysia?? I love to "window shop" over at Victorias secret too!

Anonymous said...

FA, how's that for having similar taste? Hehe.
I do my laps in a one-piece swimsuit with black base & little white polka-dots. :D

blinka.Li said...

since u r so enthusiatic about fashion, can find me some nice maternity swim suit? :P Would really appreciate that as my doctor suggested me to hit the pool regularly but hey,I can hardly find any that suits me NOW!