Monday, August 21, 2006


(pics taken from the blog. This should be the one in sri hartamas though)

I finally went to for the first time. No its not a bookshop. Its a fashion shop!
I must say that I really like the line of clothings.
I browse through the racks of clothes and the prices. Hmm....not bad for a butique. The price was pretty reasonable.

I wonder why I never knew of the existance of this shop in Damansara Utama. Normally if i go to DU, i'll drop by "Amour". I like the clothes and the price of that shop.Very affordable.

So at LBB, I ended up buying myself a pair of goucho pants that i desired for a long time! It have been fashionable in the US for quite sometime but It seems that its only hitting Malaysian shores lately. I think LBB have the widest selection of capris...most of them around RM39.90 or RM29.90. So its pretty cheap.

I taken into liking for the working A-line skirts and bought 1 myself. I wore it yesterday and it fits my like a glove.....the material is great and felt soft and flows perfectly fitting my booty. :> I love it.

The brand manager of Little.Black.Book also keeps a blog and i think its great for her to take time to do that because it gives the customers a chance to feedback.

Great work Ashley! all the best. locations at:
  • Damansara Uptown (Tel. 03-7727 4466)
  • Desa Sri Hartamas (Tel. 03-6203 9760)
  • USJ 10 (Tel. 03-5635 0478)
head over to the blog at for more information


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review. Will drop by Sri Hartamas one day - nearer to where I work. :)

blinka.Li said...

ahhh, nothing fits me now. My stomach bloated like nobody's biz now! :) But i am pretty sure even the one at Desa Hartamas is a new branch. Have not seen it before..