Monday, August 14, 2006

Diorshadow Eyecolor

Here is something that I seldom write about amongst my vanity posts.... Eyeshadow !!
I do have a pretty desirable eyes, one that is relatively easy to paint on. However, apart from eyeliner and mascara I seldom make an effort to paint my eyes on normal work days. Hense, eyeshadow is not my favourite make-up item. But.......I do have my own pretty collection of eyeshadows from color palletes to tubes to pen-stick shadows such as this one, which is the one I'm showcasing for the day.


I have 2 colours. #157-Showroom Violet and #347-Model Green
Both of them are really pretty colors. I love the Violet as the color is really dreamy ....such soft sweet lilac.
As for the green, it is absolutely the prettiest green i've ever seen. I'd reckon the color to aquamarine as the color has a hint of blue in it thus making the green to actually look good on me. Normally I don't like green but this color is not too bright and imid just the right tint of green.
This shadowcolor pen comes with a brush applicator so applying the color is a breeze. The texture is also smooth and slightly powdery finish and shimmery too. The effect is lovely. Probably 1 of the better shadow colors I've used. Though I love the brush, I still like using my fingers to dab as it gives better precision. However, I really like that its a pen and not pallete making it easy for me to bring around.

Je'Taime CDior


Anonymous said...

I hardly wear any eye-shadow these days. I'm happy just to have my eyeliner & mascara. :p
Any good tips on those? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Looks real handy tho' I haven't used eye-shadow in a long while either.