Saturday, July 15, 2006

St.Ives Hydroxy Masque

There are many different type of face masks around in the market.
I am however quite fond of clay masks. Been using clay masks for most of my life. However, recently i'm keen on trying peel-off mask.

Before my recent monthly cycle of the month, I experience a bad reaction on my face where I suddenly suffered severe breakout as of a teenager. I havent been having such severe breakouts for many years now and so it startled me quite a bit. Yes I still do have pimples making an appearance once a while but never SO MANY at 1 go. Never thought a person of my age would break-out like that. I have huge zits growing on my chin, nose, and cheeks......I was petrified. I thought I suffered some allergy reaction, which is quite possible too.

Using Acnecare and Oxy helped alot, but still my skin felt pretty bad and red. I realize that i needed something to cool-down the skin so I needed to do some mask therapy to sooth down the skin aggitation. I set my foot on the local pharmacy and got myself St.Ives Hyroxy Masque.
I must say that I really don't like the guey slimy feeling of the stuff I have to dab on my face. I had to make sure my hair is all tied up else it would be rather messy having my hair stuck on my face. After application, I just left it on for sometime while I go online surfing.....
Probably after 20 minutes, the mask will dry up. Then you will be able to peel-off the mask from your face. After peeling it off, I immediately felt my skin so much smoother, tighter and relaxed.

It really helped my face to recover fast and now I must say that all the acne and pimples are gone. Pheww....
For best results, do a mask once or twice a week. I also keep my tube in the mini-fridge I have next to my make-up area. Having it cold means nice and cool tingling sensation during application. It does make the skin feels better.

Enjoy your weekend!


Anonymous said...

it's a good mask with cheap price..

very effective.. :D

Anonymous said... fridge summore! Put drinks or to put make up and beauty products only? =P

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for the recommendation. :)

Anonymous said...

OMG! how coincidental is that? i recently bought that particular mask a couple of weeks ago just to experiment (my Biotherm ran out) - although it smeels and feels a little icky at first, the effect is really not bad :)

Eternity said...

hi. first time to your blog and surprise, surprise to find this post about mask coz i'm looking for a hydrating mask coz i've just been told my skin is terribly dry! thanks for the review! :)

Fashionasia said...

xiaoxiao: yup, for a drugstore product, the price is pretty reasonable.

skay: haha! ya....for drinks and make-up and chocolates!! :>

amelia: no problemo...Clay mask is less icky though.

laksa: no kidding?!!! I normally use TOKALON. Individually packed in sachets, but RM5 something per sachet! I also dun like the icky feeling...but the after effect is great.

eternity: thanks for dropping by! You should give it a try then. :> If you want hydrating moisturizer, go for Estee Lauder Hydra complete. Very nice hydrating sensation.

Anonymous said...

i recently tried body shop's deep cleansing mask and i must say it leaves my skin feeling really clean, without those tiny bumps you usually feel on your face.

the plus that it gets hot upon contact with your wet face makes me feel like i'm getting intense sauna!