Friday, July 21, 2006

Sad case

The No.1 boss sucks.

I got 3 big bosses above me.

Boss No.3(direct boss) appreciates me the most. Suggested an increament for me.
Boss No.2 (COO) also agreed and suggested Y amount of increament.
Boss No.1(CEO) have no idea what I do, thinks I'm just sitting pretty doing nothing.......decides that i do not deserve Y increament. Reduced it to Y/2. Yes half.


1. I turned down a job which offered me Yx5 (5 times more than my increament amount).
2. Because this yr is suppose to be the year i get my increament after 3 years of a ZILCH amount.
3. Because I still have to go to work tomorrow demanded by the customer for me to BE THERE eventhough I'm officially off from now (but does boss.1 know that? NOooooooooo)
4. Because I may even need to go to work this SUNDAY because the customer trust NO ONE but ME and wants ME to be there... (but does boss.1 know that too? Nooooooo)

ps. The only reason why i've not break-down is because of my vacation. Thank you hubby, you are the best! muaks...


Arena Green said...

July not so good month for many other ppl I know (inc. me oso lor!).

So nvm, got 2 more weeks to August. Cross our fingers next month will bring lots and lots of good and happy events, ok?

Look on the bright side, Ms Fashion. You got one loving hubby who appreciates you better than all the bosses combined!

Anonymous said...

Every boss should know how to take care of their employees 'cos they will take good care of their customers.

Looks like Boss No.1 dun know how to do that.

Anyway, I agree with anak merdeka, you're lucky to have a darling husband who loves you.. :)

Anonymous said...

I was just informed that I have to work full day on Saturday and Sunday as well.. grr.. it's bad enough that I have to work half day on every Saturday (you feel like a loser when you're on the way to work.. thinking of what other people are doing on a Saturday.. go fishing... picnic.. and best of all.. sleeping.)... and now Sunday as well?!

But it's good to know that you gain the trust from your customer.

Anonymous said...

as i am currently jobless i shouldn't really be allowed to sympathize.. but i still feel bad fo ryou nevertheless. hopefully it'll turn out better!

Anonymous said...

awww, u poor thing :(

chin up, main thing is hubby loves u :)

so u see, money is not everything! (although it does help...well, guess we can't always have the best of both worlds)

chong y l said...

belated holidie greAtings -- send lurv to nicolekid -- tell the urban-ite he's damned lucky. FA, have fun-D, in DU (h)- LUCKY C'UNTRY!:):)

Brin me back some sheila bears.

Ianfluenza said...

Miss FA, I feel you lah...