Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Decent Experience Renewing My Malaysian Passport

So the hubby decided to bring me somewhere this month. Perhaps somewhere nice n cooling. Though decisions have not materialize, I can't help but squeel in glee. First thing I thought of is to check my passport. And true enough, It expires JULY 06. Bummer, why do passports ALWAYS expire when you need to use them.

I wanted to renew my passport so i've decided to check-out the website for more information about passport renewal process, just to find out what shall I prepare to bring over. I wasn't particularly sure if its under the Immigration Dept or JPN but I think it is the Immigration Dept that is in charge of passports.

The website was rather dissappointing. I couldn't find the information I needed, like what is the process of passport renewal, what are the items that we need to bring over, which counter is open to that, how long does it normally take to have it renewed......etc.

So I had to call up the Immigration Dept to enquire. Don't call the General Line cos it NEVER works. Nobody ever pick-up. I called someone from the Passport division. Was told to bring 2 passport photos, photostat IC, old passport n the money.

So I finally went, and to my delight there were this place for me to renew my passport by the teller machine.
I must say that I was quite impressed. Took an envelope from the counter girl and she checked my passport to see if the chip was working, counter check my fingerprint with my myKad and then i was to proceed to the machine.
There was a pretty girl guiding the users how to go about with the machine so the experience was rather pleasant as I don't feel so stupid having to figure out how things work. In less than 10 minutes i was finish with it. Paid cash to the machine and got my receipt. Was to collect the passport in 24 hours. Cool! Funny thing is, I don't know why do I need to hassle myself to photostat my IC as adviced by the officer(through phone earlier). There was no need for the photostat IC at all. I also only used up 1 photo instead of 2 which the officer told me earlier. Hmmm....they don't even know the process themselves. Apalah waste my time to go photostat somemore.

The following day I went over to collect my passport. Took the numbers. oh jollygood, only 2 more numbers to mine. Waited like 5 minutes or so and It was my turn already. Needless to say, I got my passport renewed in less than 24 hours. Which was really great!! Totally debunked my impression of a typical government service for being slow.

Holiday here I come!! *cross fingers and toes*


Anonymous said...

Malaysia Boleh lah! LOL
The items you were told to bring were the old requirements..

Anyway..I hope you & hubby will have a great holiday..

Looking forward to more fashion & beauty tips..esp from somewhere nice & cooling...when you get back. :p

Anonymous said...

Really so easy, huh? No more long lines? Sounds great, for a change. Hope your vacation plans turn out.

Anonymous said...

i went to renew my passport 2 months ago and the whole process was very speedy, not long before.

whereabouts you goin anyway? care to share share? :)

Fashionasia said...

amelia: yala i guess so...the old way was SUCH a hassle... :>

clair: ya! so suprised!! nomore loooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnngggg never-ending queue! and endless waiting..yeh! I think the holiday plans are gonna materialize soon. :>

laksa: hehe....*hint*kangaroos and koalas!*hint* :> wink wink

Anonymous said...

I went to renew mine when I was back home and the immigration department was packed! It was in the morning though. I had to help my sister renew hers and it was almost empty during lunch hours. How strange.

I've put the answers up in my blog. :)

Anonymous said...

Which is why i get very pissed when someone talk bad about something without first hand experience.


Really?that easy?thanks for the heads up...
Enjoy ur OZ holiday, mate...
I reckon u're heading to sydney?kiss a joey for me please...hehee

Ianfluenza said...

EHHHH coming to Australia eh?? Whereabouts in Aussie???

Anonymous said...

A passport renewed in less than 24 hours? It's better than in France in which we can get a new passport in 48 hours!=/
So where do you go?=)

Anonymous said...

I just collected mine this morning. Think I had to go through the old system. Dont think there is any kiosk at the Shah Alam branch that can do such things. But I have to admit that it helps a lot if you know 'somebody' inside. :-)

Anonymous said...

What a coincident. Just when I needed something for my skin and I found your blog about the St Ive's mask.

Now.. passport as well. I just did mine yesterday. My passport has been expired and for the past like 6 years I didn't go, my whole book was empty.. good as new without a single stamp.

Wanted to go to Phuket next month. I checked out the immigration website and thought it was kinda ok. I can even download the form from the site. The form also indicate that I needed to submit with photocopy of IC and the old passport. I went to the immigration dept in the morning. Reached there at almost 8am. I didn't have any photos with me so took an instant one over there for RM7 (2 pic). Not the best quality tho'. So, including taking photo, queueing up, submit forms, till made my payment.. took me about half an hour only. Since I submitted mine on Friday, my passport will be ready for collection on Monday. Not too bad.. I remember how renewing passport like last time. When I was young, my mom was like... have to run all the way to the dept once the gate opens.. with all other people (like marathon!?) .. then get a nice place at the queue... and then wait for ages at a not so comfortable place.

Anonymous said...

Renew in Malaysia take less than 24 hours!

Renew in Australia takes 5 months! Aiya.. Why take so long!? :(