Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Debenhams Malaysia Closing Down Clearance Sale!

I know I'm kinda late. But TimesSquare is NOT one of my regular shopping place. Sorry lah.

So I read from spicy about the clearance sales in Debenhams and decided to head over to reap some cheap stuffs on Sunday.

Debenhams is UK's No.1 retailer. It was quite shocking when I heard the news. But, not TOO shocking to me. Since Debenhams is a UK company, the products do carry the pricetag in pounds + tax + duty...etc. Malaysians don't dig expensive stuffs. Just like how CK Tangs couldn't survive eventhough it is situated at the Golden Triangle, same goes to Debenhams. Even a Fashionista like me, havent bought a single stuff from Debenhams before since it came to Malaysia, what more a regular Malaysian shopper?

The sales were OK. The really cheap stuffs were quite ugly, fugly and dirty. But thats what clearance sales is all about iznt' it. Finding some rare gems amidst the dump. I was told that they will be closing down by end of the month so those who is interested can still drop by. There are discounts going from 10% up to 90%. Some agent controlled items however, were not very cheap.....10% only. There are some brands like CasualClub and Pineapple going for 70% discounts. But a simple baby-T is like RM99(ori price) and RM129. So, it isn't VERY cheap lah I'd say. ALMOST bought 1 baby-T in pink though I didn't at the very last minute and am regretting it because i keep thinking about it. Dang should have just grab it. Frankly, I compared the price to the online store and the clothes are so much cheaper over in the UK!

Since by the time I was there after my dinner, it was nearly 9pm, I don't have much time to shop. I browsed through some of the stuffs, most sections were already cleared. I did however buy myself some clothes frm Joan Allen. It was somesort of a dinner dress. Bronze Long skirt with a see-through bronze cardi top. Not gonna showcase here less i get somemore bashing for my ugly taste. But it was cheap. Set me back by RM78. Somehow I strayed from Debenhems and ended up in 1 butique outside and got myself 2 street fashion tops. Cost me about another RM70 over for that.


Anonymous said...

I love your description.."...quite ugly, fugly and dirty." LOL

I bought four Joan Allen's pieces at the Great Singapore Sale last month..discounted 70%...really worth every cent I paid. :p

pj said...

i think this one in BTS is just franchise... it's not managed by Debenhams but Berjaya


I knew it was going to close will never survive..price over the top..
I went last saturday but nothing to buy pun..

PP said...

Hmm... maybe I should drop by and take a look even if the prices here were inflated compared to the UK. Oh and I'm sorry you got bashed for your tastes - some people are cowards - it would be nice to see your dress tho coz it sounds pretty. :)

Anonymous said...

nice, classy, chic - that's how i would describe Joan Allen's creations :)

do we get to see pictures?