Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Stagnant Savings...why oh why?

I realize that my savings have been rather stagnant for a long time. I wonder why is that so, is it because of my uncontrollable spending? or iz it my couldn't care less attitude in forking out my money? Its not like i'm little-miss-generous or something. I mean, i'm not trying to win some noble prize but i do realize that i have a perhaps "bad" habit in spending.

I'd like to list down the possiblities of the reason for my not-being-able-to-save-much, here goes:

1. I couldnt be bothered to calculate the cents. Everything is a round figure to me.

2. I like to pay for others and i don't like to and will not collect money from people. So it pretty much depends on the other person if they would wanna pay me back. Else it'll totally be forgotten the next minute.

3. Increase in expenses. (both household! gasps!!) I like to pay for my parents because it makes me feel so "adult". I feel so grown up being able to pay for my parents and also the spending of my parents in-law. So besides providing household expenses, I also pay for their car maintenance (well at least partly because I can claim a certain amount frm my company but not all).

4. I INCREASE my household contribution to my parents dispite having NO increase in my salary. Why oh why am I such a good daughter.

5. The hubby earns far far far farrrrr more than I do so thats a consolation I guess. But the hubby is the kinda that is quite straight forward. If i ask him for money, he'll surely give...sometimes he'll give more than i deserve but then again, being on a payroll, I do not feel nice asking hubs for money. I'm just never good at asking. Even during meals just the two of us, i'd gladly whip out my purse in a flash to pay for meals. I don't know why I do that either. Its heriditary, I took after my mums giving heart.

6. I do not keep track of where my money goes to.

7. Credit card is EVIL.


OK, thats enough for now....From today onwards, I will try my best to keep track of WHERE my money goes....and start saving!! Hopefully I i buy the MaryJanes sneakers I saw in Sketches butique??! heh.... :P Rite...


Anonymous said...

In order to save, don't do all your banking at one bank...that works for me. :)

"Credit card is EVIL." you should make the money before you spend it. :D

Anonymous said...

No.3 - WOW

No.5 - I also dun feel nice. I mean, obviously I'm not asking him for money lah (not married mah), I just dun feel nice that he's always buying stuffs for me. I will feel so terhutang only.

I always keep track. Like every month, this amount will go to savings IMMEDIATELY. Remainings will go to this and that and whats left for my spending is just that. So I must spend within that limit. CC is only when I dun wanna use cash but I make sure I go home and put aside the money to pay the bill. I dun like carrying too much cash and I like collecting points. Haha

Anonymous said...

it's amazing how much we have in common...(except for #5...)