Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Incentives for marrying and converting orang asli?!!!!!

I'm so sorry my fashionista. As much as i like to blog only about fashion and fashion alone, I can't help but also write about things that are dear to my heart. In this case, local news are too.
Don't get my wrong, I do not like politikus so much but stuffs like this really make me fume!!!

I Quote below for your view....[WARNING: please take a deeeeep breath before reading] :

" KELANTAN will offer RM10,000 to each Muslim preacher who marries an orang asli woman and naturally converts her as part of renewed efforts to propagate Islam among the 3,000-odd community in the state.
Besides the monetary incentive, the preachers would also receive free accommodation, a four-wheel-drive vehicle and a fixed monthly allowance of RM1,000. "

Initially I have alot to say.....
But now, I'm just speachless.
I leave the bashing to all my commentors.....

sigh....Just to push you into commenting....
If 1 preacher can marry 4 wives.
4 x RM 10,000 = RM 40,000
And RM1,000 x 4 (per month) = RM 4,000/month

oh wow.....The preacher can make "Marrying an Orang Asli" into a career.

My nostrils are FLARING.......Please help me Breathe
Ms.Fashionasia pulls hair *pull pull*
*throw both hands up*.....I give up........



Arena Green said...

Eh, why u dun like politikus? Very interesting mah. Can even make Unc. Desi flap his wings in exasperation. hehehe...

Don't tarik your hair too much - bald head no good for fashionista. LOL!

Anonymous said...

HOH...I wanted to write about this too. It's RUBBISH I tell you. So what if you have more Muslims but they dun even understand their religion. Nowonder so many sesat ones.

It's damn dumb I tell you. Religion is suddenly turning into a business. Shows how desperate they are. They're insecure, thats why. First its the Kongsi Raya this. Unbelievable.

Helen said...

I guess that is what the Chinese say 'Wai Gok Hei Sang..' (to sacrifice for your country) When ppl sacrifice their life for their country and faith, I did not expect they meant sex life as well.. ;-(

Wait, the country is paying ppl to get laid?? That's a first.

chong y l said...

Oooi, FA!
Leave ornag alsi alone, they are too pure for Urbaniotes!
I like some knottinurse in Angels -- see Nicole Kidman, Cybill Shepherd, and Faith and Desi wnet up the Hill, to fetch pailfools of sui, sui, water, water MOney, Money ---

FA: You and Heln acn organise FA show to raise my RM20million!:):) I'm DESiperate!:(

AzeedA said...

Hi Fashionasia..! Hopped to ur blog via pu1pu3's.. Lurve ur featured shoes!
anyway, Kelantan gov does throw a LOT of rubbish under 'religious/political' motive.. am a Muslim myself feelin' quite ashamed of on their 'adaptations' of religious rules.. hesh so geram!

Anonymous said...

this is crazy lah... completely degrading their own religion and the ornag asli.