Thursday, June 22, 2006

If I have a prom to go to, this would make my PERFECT PROM DRESS......YupTHE DRESS

Price: $159.00
Sale: $119.99

And the PERFECT VERA WANG Sandals to go with it!!

Price: $216

Ya know, its kinda sucky that I've NEVER been to ANY PROM before!!!
Yup...Thats right. Not a single PROM ok?!!
Now before you start judging that this Ms.Fashion must be a total introvert and anti-social...blablabla.... Hold your horses. Its not like that at all.
Heck I would've been the first to arrive if there WAS any prom at all in the first place, and I'd probably stand a good chance of begging the title Prom Queen.(ya right, as if..hehe)
The thing is, we don't have any prom at all in our school during MY days upon graduation. Our celebration normally takes place at the beach with BBQ's and guitar strumming and singing songs, playing cards..etc. But prom.Though luck.

There were Proms every year during College years though.

And of course I was asked to be the date of the night(s) but....nope..did not make an effort to go. I guess it all boils down to the crowd, and the people you go with. You see, I was never very close to any of my college buds. I only have 4 best friends. Others are hi and bye friends. It would be totally different if I was to attend Prom night with my highschool friends though. I would have enjoyed myself thoroughly, because these people are my bestest of buddies for manymanymany years. Even till now. I guess I never actively participated in any of the activities in college because I was busy judgling between my studies and my part-time job.

Ah well, those were the days. Though I never had a chance to wear any prom dresses......At least I gotta wear a pretty gown during my wedding eh??? And technically speaking, I was "Queen" of the day!! Right...... :>


PP said...

gosh thats a lovely dress!! :O And I've never been to a prom too coz there was none so thats telling on my age :p

Fashionasia said...

I know! iznt it lovely??
Would've gotten it as my bridesmaid dress even.
LoL... you too?? :P join the gang babe!

Danny said...

I think it's missing essential accessories for any prom queen. :)

A pair of simple earrings and a glittering necklace. LoL!

Fashionasia said...

Dannyfoo....thats cos they're giving chance for the date to buy something for them!! hehehee...check out my other blog for inspiration!! hehe..Well its not officially complete yet but...take a peek.

Anonymous said...

oooo, nice :)

ur hubby's a lucky guy!

chong y l said...

Miss prom nite eh?
From American Pie
Miss Malaysian Dye?

I like the Pink
But if you switch to Blue, I'd die for U2!:)

No need prom nite, prompt dae oso can-wan.

Anonymous said...

beautiful dress! can it be called a salmon pink colour?

dun quite like plastic strapped shoes though. those get dirty very fast. :(

Anonymous said...

pretty dress! i'm sure boys would have walked into walls seeing a girl in this.

Fashionasia said...

laksa: aww sure you'd be as lucky as him when u strike lottery! kekeke

desi: aisheey desi... Me Girl You boy...Me Pink You Blue.. OK KO ??

jayelle: I just love the simplicity of the design. erm..Maybe Cotton Candy Pink? hehe..but the sandals im sure is more peachy than pink. Definately can pass as Salmon. *whispers* Btw, plastic straps sandals are fashionista's secret weapon for longer looking legs. *winks* who cares if it gets dirty!! hehe...I use to have 1, but not very lazak(cant last long). Tears easily....

Fashionasia said...

cloe: I loved the tie-o flats on her too!!! but id still go for heels for proms. :> Lovely aint it!

disco-very said...


hope it comes in blue!