Thursday, June 22, 2006

Gucci, Prada and other designer sales from Amazon

Been Over at and oogling over some Gucci stuffs. Below are some findings that I find myself attracted to.

GUCCI Shoes Black Patent Leather High Heel Sandals Pumps - Jade Boutique
List Price: $510.00
Amazon Price: $357.00

[Ms.Fashionasia absolutely love the side profile of the pumps]

Next up is the Gucci Women's Wraparound Ankle Thongs. I like the wraparound. Very ballet like but its a thong!
List Price: $395.00
Amazon Price: $199.89

Also, i find myself liking this Gucci Logo Peek-a-boo-toe pump. I find it very classy and suitable for work. However its unavailable now thus no price details.

So apart from Gucci, I also check out the sales section and found some other cool stuffs at reasonably low prices. Like for example this Prada Purse. OK, normally I dont like Prada because i think its overrated. The designs are bleerghh and there are wayyyyy too many fake ones around that even if I bought an Original Prada, people will still think that I bought them from Petaling Street because yes, they are THAT good (imitations I mean).

Why i like this is because it is accented with metallic silver piping and lining. I can't resist anything in Black+Silver (see pic #1)
List Price: $359.00
Amazon Price: $119.89

Oh and Ralph Lauren sneakers going for only USD 39!!! (normal price USD 89)

3 lovely colors to choose from. I think its a good bargain for a running shoe.

And for those going to the beach. (hey Tuk@shoppingKL this is for you).
This is the absolute perfect Pareo to hide the (slight) bulges!!

Ralph Lauren Tropical Pareo. Only at USD 14.98 from the normal price of USD 44!!

OK, I'm still looking at the lovely items but i guess thats enough for the blog for now. Blogger is not behaving and I dont want to risk loosing a long post.
Thats all now. Cheerios!!


PP said...

Ooh thanks FA! :) Dont think it can make it here before next week but I'll find a sub here - oh and great shoe choices!

Anonymous said...

Mmm, those black and silver pumps, I like ;). Very classy! Except I may well end up flat on my face strutting around in those, being the klutz that I am. Wouldn't that be disastrous? LOL

Anonymous said...

damn sad you spend so much on good ori goods but when you walk out, it looks exactly like the fake ones.


whoa, lovely running shoes.murah pulak tu...the dress is really gorgeous too. I don't want to surf the shopping website..takut hooked!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the Gucci Women's Wraparound Ankle Thong.