Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Sometimes when I feel stressed. I like to listen to classical music.
Now, I'm not a hardcore classical music person. I can't differentiate between Mozart and Chopin and whatever not. But......I love music, particularly soothing piano playing; the flute and violin.

At work, when i feel stressed. I used to turn to an Internet radio chanel at (AllClassical 89.9FM)
However, the playlists are sometimes too loud for my liking. Recently i've discovered this site and I absolutely am hooked !!

This morning I just listened to the most beautiful rendition of Improvision of the song Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars I've ever heard!!! Its very soothing to listen to the classical music as appose to loud yakking, endless adverts and yucky songs that typical radio station offers.

Ms.Fashionasia gives 2 thumbs up to!!
Definately good stuffs for the stressful Malaysians.


Mumsgather said...

Thank you for sharing. I will be checking it out. :)

Fashionasia said...

I think its a great finding! Hope you enjoy it as much as i do!