Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Too Old for Technology??

DaddyFashion bought some electrical equiptment lately and being the tech savvy "young" man that he is, decided to fill-up the warranty information online to be submitted instead of the old fashion "post" method.

Happily DaddyFashion were online clicking through the warranty pages, filling in serial number details, full name, address and so on. Then when it comes to BIRTHDATE. DaddyFashion got really irritated and told Ms.Fashion this.

DaddyFashion: eh girl, you know ah. I try to fill up the warranty information online but cannot lah.
Ms.Fashion: Cannot? why? did you follow the instructions?
DaddyFashion: Ya I followed all the instructions untill i come to the BIRTHDATE part.
Ms.Fashion: what about the birthdate?
DaddyFashion: Well, they ask for my birthdate so i have to select the year. But........It only scrolls down to 1950.
Ms.Fashion: @@. [blank].........short pause. then HAAHahhaAHAHhaHaAHAHAHAHaaaaaaaaaa..... What lah?? They think old people dunno how to submit online izzit??
DaddyFashion: Yala!! then the latest date is 2006. They think baby just born know how to use computer but i'm too old.
Ms.Fashion: hahahAHAHHAHAahhHaaaaaaaaaaHaaaaaa
DaddyFashion: .......

Oh goodness gracious me. Ms.Fashion really loves DaddyFashion. He is just the cutest 60++ year old man in the whole world.


Anonymous said...

haahahahahah..this post cracked me !!!

Anonymous said...

your dad should write a letter of complaint to the company! such discrimination over the elderly!!!

Ianfluenza said...

Hahaha... Utterly hillarious! When I came across such pull-down features when selecting birthdates, it also occured to me if those years available are able to accommodate for 100 year-olds. Now I realise that they cannnot even afford 60+ year-olds... And yes, such dumb system to include 2006...

caffeinated said...

update la