Friday, May 05, 2006


Its almost 4.30am. And i'm still up. But back home.
Hubby is fast asleep now. I was sleeping awhile ago, took a 2 hour nap and i'm back up to finish off and print-out the spreadsheet.
Hubby was up till 3. And i slept till 3. Now he's in bed and i'm at the desk.
Usually he'll be the one engrossed with work with his laptop and i'm the one in slumber. But its quite the reverse today.
Is this whats life suppose to be?
Because if it is, then life suck.

I'M STUPID. I rejected a dreamjob. A job i desired so much. With people that would appreciate my existance and many perks. Especially training. Twice per year. And paid for certification too.

Here at my current company. The CEO said "We are not paying your salary to train you, we are PAYING you to work and contribute to the company, you want training? go back to study. "

I'm STUPID. Why am i still so committed to this crazy baloony job where the CEO thinkz peanuts of me.

I'm a crazy mad Nincompoop. Thats what I am.

I will ponteng work after i've done the submission and come back home to sleep.


Anonymous said...

Siao char boh!!! What got into youuu???? *whacks*

Fashionasia said...

hehe...thanks girl. Needed that :>
I'll be fine. Its already friday!!

spiller said...

screw the CEO.
nice weekend yo.

Anonymous said...

Been there, done that, survived. You will too ;o). Hugs.

caffeinated said...

yeah, sumore got scary nasi lemak ghost in office. tsk.

MJ said...

Too bad CEO doesn't appreciate your eagerness to learn more by using co's resources but why didn't u go 4 ur dream job?

Anonymous said...

cheer up, dear - better things will come your way :)

Mónica Lice said...

I really enjoy your blog!

I'm portuguese and i have a fashion blog too!


Chin up, chest up, everything should be up and away...hehee.I know I am making no sense but I will be away...
so take care...