Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Thanks to all my lovely bloggie dudies for your tender loving comments on my previous post.
Love you all...muaks!!
Well, work is still loathesome but great news! I'm going on a vacation!!!
Probably won't update (but might) till next week.
Hopefully I'll get to do some retail therapy and make good use of my new two-piece swim suit.

ps. I'm going to the land of chanlilian! hehe....if i spot her, i'll sneak up to her. In the mean time. Have some kitkat!


chong y l said...

hi fashionistA:

Follow my foolsteps,
but don't enter Desi's terrortry!
Load lots of pics
Mind's jest words and some digs

irenekay said...

haev a nice trip...i'll be there end of the month too......

do tell me where to shop...hahahaha.....any good buy...
and.....have a gastronomic affair...

Anonymous said...

have a great trip and enjoy yourself!

Mónica Lice said...

Have a nice trip!


TH said...

Have fun! and eat Pg food on my behalf :)

Btw, downtown Penang Street, there are a few batik shops. They sell some other clothes which are cheap and unique too. I shop there a lot.

Ianfluenza said...

looking forward to photos... :)