Saturday, May 13, 2006

Meet My New Baby

I call her KiKi.
You can call her KikiLala (short for NoKIa L'Amour)


caffeinated said...

ok, how do u know it's a "her". did u look under the *gasp* cover?!

Fashionasia said...

cos the coffee colored one is a him

chong y l said...

Hey FAshionistA ~~ struck 4D during your hiatus ah?
Now we can meet for tha Hi-teA and let me have a look at how Amore's that N-Lamour.:)

Fashionasia said...

desi : the hubby buy for me wann... :>
and my old phone kaputed already

Piggy said...

omg, i got the same phone too!! its beautiful, no?

Fashionasia said...

high5 to little princess!! teach me how to upload the pics to my pc har?