Thursday, May 04, 2006

Alone in the dark

Its 9.30pm, by the time i finish this post it'll probably be almost 10 and I'm all alone in the office. The last 2 colleague just bid goodnite.

All of a sudden, i smell something very fragrant. Smells like Nasi Lemak or something.......I dare not look where the fragrant come from because I'm freaking ALONE IN THE OFFICE OK!!! Its damn scary. The reason i'm still alone in the freaking office and is the last freaking person to leave the office is because I have a blardee tender to submit by tomorrow. Pardon my french people for I'm totally freaking out......I'm sure you can see this by the number of times the word "freaking" is appearing in the paragraph alone.

I remember those days when we use to go camping in the woods. We were told that if we ever smell some fragrance while hiking, just pretend not to notice and NEVER ask about it because.....well they say there are spirits lurking around and some lady spirits smells nice wor...
OK i shouldnt be talking about this cos...I'M ALONE and its SCARY. I'm SCARED.


caffeinated said...

Yes, the smell of jasmine flowers is scary but nasi lemak?!!

haiyo! u imagine some old makcik in white selling nasi lemak ah?


Ianfluenza said...

When you say fragrance, did you mean fragrance of a perfume? or aroma of nasi lemak?

From the way I read it, you smelt fragrance of nasi lemak and suspect that it COULD belong to a lady spirit. It makes a good storyline if the fragrance belongs to some feminine perfume. But nasi lemak?!

Hantu nasi lemak ke? haha... sorry, i shouldn't scare you lah. I hope you've already left the office and reading this comment at the comfort of your safe home.

Fashionasia said...

I'm home. Thanks for all the caring guys. Muaks.
I have no idea what i smell juznow....prob paranoia+delusion+hungerpang+stress+stupidcrazystressouttothemax moment

i remember when we needed to pee or poo in the forest we had to say "tumpang lalu" or "excuse me i need to pee" kakakakaa.... so fun...Oh and i had some crazy encounters too....i'll keep the juicy part for a holloween post. :>


kesian hard at work..
take care..