Thursday, May 04, 2006

NIVEA Body, Intensive Moisturizer Milk

Time for some product review.

I bought a small bottle of this NIVEA Body Intensive Moisturizer Milk from guardian. I saw a small trial pack. I think it was merely 3 ringgit or so. Less than RM4.

I've always prefer NIVEA for body moisturizer I don't know why but i think its because of the texture of the lotion. Some brands are too watery, some too milky, some too sticky but i've always find NIVEA to be just right.

This particular moisturizer is for those with dry skin. It is made with Avocado Oil. The scent is soothing, not too strong. I can really feel the moisture on my skin even after a good night sleep. Those with dry skin should give it a try. I intended to let the hubby try them but he still haven't touch it yet, he probably prefer his bottle of Palmer's Cocoa butter, which is equally good too but just be caution that you would smell like chocolate after application.

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ps: the one i got have a slightly different wording. I guess its the Asian version. Instead of "Rich Caring Milk" Its "Intensive Moisturizing Milk". (Or something to that effect la must go n check. Don't sue me)


paupau said...

Nivea good ar ? You tried Eucerin before ? I like Eucerin better, but then I've nvr tried the one you are recommending.

Fashionasia said...

Hi Paupau: This bottle is good i'd say. But I wont say Nivea is good in general because i tried the facial wash and dont quite like it, but the body lotion is good. :) Eucerin is a different brand of the same principal company Beiersdorf.


i love the smell of nivea lotion..
Must try this one one day.
Sorry hv not been visiting.
been away and there's something wrong with my PC.
always kena buang the spyware...

TH said...

Dove silk cream is good too. It's not that oily, as it is in a cream form as opposed to a lotion which is watery. I don't know if it's for sale in Msia.

Eucerin is a more intensed lotion compared to Nivea; good for those with dry skin (or skin diseases e.g. eczema) or experiencing winter.

Anonymous said...

Nivea body lotion is like religion to me... I apply it religiously everyday.
I also love the Nivea Whitening Lotion. Can i just say that i love it for its scent?!


Anonymous said...

NIVEA is good, especially its classic range products. However the newer products such as the NIVEA VISAGE range might not be as good. Nivea is famous all over the world not just by the fact that it is german product; but also because it is known worldover as a very gentle and mild product. Of course, I dont think Malaysians would bother about gentle or natural products. We are more interested if we look good after wearing it; nevermind if its laden with chemicals. So I guess its what you're looking for that will make you like a certain products.

For myself I just love the NIVEA whitening. It somehow lifts my face, making it really fair and glowy. I just love it. And I love the fact that it is gentle, allowing me to use it without any worries of chemical side-effects. (Chemical side-effects can be as quick as burnt skin or disfigured face or long-term side-effects such as cancer).

Ive also been using the NIVEA whitening deodorant since forever.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah... I use the whitening milk body lotion for my face. Since it is a gentle formula, I am confident enough to use it for my face.

My skin is fair but tans easily, I have to wear a protection on my exposed areas i.e face, neck, hands and feet. Otherwise, I look weird with my face, hands and feet dark, but everything else white. It's really good as it not only whitens but has UV protection as well. I could say I swear by this product. Even a small patch on your skin will make it shades lighter. And for the price? Its really a bargain!:)