Tuesday, April 25, 2006

You know that obesity is going to be a national issue when...

9 out of 10 pps pings are related to food


Recently I had a chat with my business acquaintance. He is a wise senior malay chap, probably a Masters or PhD holder, being the head of an IT department.

He told me that while he was visiting china many years ago, to find a FAT person in China is like looking for a needle in the haystack. Every single person was so lean and fit. He attributed that to the habit and lifestyle of cycling everywhere.
However recently, obesity have become a big issue in China. People seem to think that it is due to the The increasing "Westernisation" of the country's diet. But i think my friend is right. Its the lack of excercise.

On another occassion when I was talking to a beautiful young lady entrepreneur from China, she told me that Malaysians are very very very particular about food. They can squat somewhere in the alley near the longkang just to have a bowl of the famous Curry fish head. Therefore being in the food business is not easy, because Malaysians really know their food well. I couldnt agree with her more and assured her that her food was nice, really. Its probably just the location.

Though proud that we have somehow made a name for Malaysia by being a place with delicious delicacies, i do hope that Malaysians do remember to exercise because we can't afford the Government to fork out some few millions for weight loss sessions to the rakyat due to obesity issues. We have far greater issues to address.

Sekian Terima Kasih.


chong y l said...


Many eat to avoid the draft!
Like Desi, not that he's complaining
The commander says you're disgusting
You're over-weight, you're potty
And you're snO-Oh-Oh-ri-n-n-nG!
Go home to your Mummy
Eat like a pig, drink more Teh-See!

Anonymous said...

you are absolutely right! must maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle mah, cannot just eat and eat till burst - else the whole nation of Malaysia end up looking like Doraemon..

caffeinated said...

the other 1 ping is for posts talking about posts about food. :)

mystic said...

Hihi....finally have time to catch up with your post....very the malas leh lately :P

Food blog? I hardly ever read em...hehee