Monday, April 24, 2006

Trapped In a Cacoon, trapped in Cancun?

I'm trapped in a cacoon,
I wish i'm trapped in cancun,
because at least i'm somewhere, at least not here.

Reading about the success and life of other makes me envy,
Wish i could turn back time,
I want to experience life independantly,
over the sea, UK, Australia or the US of A. It doesnt matter,
because at least i'm somewhere, at least not here.

Reading my daily emails,
A close bud persuing Ph.D,
In the UK she is now, many many years abroad;
Another friend too in the parts of the UK,
Picking baby scallops by the seaside.....and nursing a buldging tummy;
And yet another, though persuing the Masters degree, in Edinburge he is,
student by day, Jamie Oliver by night...
How i wish i'm one of them,
because at least i'm somewhere, at least not here.

But when I gaze over my shoulders,i see my dearest hubby,
far away in the land of slumber;
A warmth i feel, a sense of belonging,
strange it seems how good the heart felt ,with the sound of his snoring,
I feel contented, gratified, satisfied......

because at least i'm somewhere, at least i'm here......



chong y l said...


I see you're in poetic mood todae
It lifts the woe out of blues mondae
be you in canton or cancun
or in fu rong on lundun
we all speak English can
Then we no misundertood, or over stand

if you find Desi speaking funny
don't blame yourself, his head's topsy turvy
Seven days of work till no end
He almost LOST himself in no woman's land

Oh, you make my day
Writing in verse you say
Mama's Day cuntest rite
Such a morning, or nite, delite!

So I wsih thee gre8 success
Then we'll celebrate at Petronas mess
Should thee win a prize
It won't be a sirprise
Cos you're within Desi's disciple- sight?
WE've both earned Da Err-ing one's birthright.


Very poetic & meaningful.
You reminded me of how thankful I am to have my family.
Hope you r too.