Tuesday, April 18, 2006

There is a reason why we hold hands

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"On April 4, the Federal Court ruled that the KL City Hall had the authority to enact bylaws to prosecute people for indecent public behaviour.

The Federal Court made this decision when hearing the appeal by two university students who challenged the power of local authorities to enact such bylaws under the Local Government Act 1976 after they were summoned for allegedly behaving indecently at the KLCC Park in 2003.

However, the court also ruled that it would be up to the magistrate hearing the case to decide if hugging and kissing constituted indecent behaviour.

The case is still pending.

Following the Federal Court ruling, several parties including the Bar Council and the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (Suhakam) wanted the authorities to come up with a clear definition of indecency if there was to be legislation on it. "

Fashionasia Says:

Dear Gomen,

I sincerely like to appeal to you to reconsider categorizing "holding hands" as part of indecency.
I am not against prosecuting acts of indecency in public. Indecency like french kissing or hugging or brushing against each other in public or touching and grobing or even BJ while driving(hey these people are hazardous to the public). I respect that decision because i also think that too much show of public affection makes me want to puke! I sokong you on this.

However, please please do reconsider "holding of hands" because i truely truely feel that it is NOT indecent at all.

I remember when I was in primary school, 1 of the classes that i enjoyed the most is probably during pendidikan moral. Once-a-while the teacher will decide to let us watch a video (those of moral value kind la). Then we will have to adjourne from our class to the school library where the TV and the VCR was.
To prevent us from going astray, we were to line-up. Boys 1 line and girls another. Then we were instructed to "hold hands" while walking to the library. Much to our disgust!! hey girls and boys were enemies then. Some held hands willingly, swinging back n forth..........some a little unwillingly so the hands were merely "touching"......some only held out their index finger to the other species. Haha...everyone was so innocent and cute.

Well, the reason behind the teacher asking us all the hold hands wasnt to promote love or indecency at all!! It was merely to prevent us from going astray, or fall-down.

The point i'm trying to make and emphasize here is the REASON behind holding of hands.

Yes, being a couple I do like to hold hands when i go out with my better-half. No not because i want people to see how loving we are as a couple, nor do i need to exclaim to others that hey lookey here we are a couple! Nor do we do that to express our love towards one-another. Basically We hold hands for the same 1 reason.

1. He doesnt want me to fall
2. I dont want to fall

YES. You heard right. I am confessing to you MR.Gomen that i am Ms.CLUMSY and i am ALL TOES (as in all thumbs). Yes I fall down easily and i Can't help it!!! I'm sorry!!! I dont know why, but i suspect it is because of the way my feet is being constructed to be too narrow to hold and balance my bodyweight. I normally held on to the MR. tightly and then i will feel safe to walk. Slowly It have become a habit. I must hold on to him if we are out walking together. Else i feel tipsy. Oh boy you wouldnt know the number of times the hubby saved me from slipping or falling flat on my face.

So i'm petitioning that holding-of-hands stays. I guess i need it to keep my two front teeth?
So who's with me?


ps. okla, i think holding of hands will still stay la .....Mr.Gomen not that crazy.......but hugging n kissing is what they need to define. This is because hugging is a customery action for some but a taboo to some.....So it is quite difficult to draw a line. But oh well, lets just see what happens.


Anonymous said...

I'm with you :)


I think a peck on the cheek in public, holding hands firmly and an occasional hug or two is totally acceptable to me. Esp for husb & wives. Here its not.
ANd all the above is in public, not some secluded area where you're thinking of going a lil bit further than the above. THen, I scorn that..

Anonymous said...

I will organize a riot if they categorize "holding hands" as indecent. Dumb.

Ianfluenza said...

I agree with pu1pu3(is that in pinyin or sumthing?)... Anyways, holding hands do not insinuate indecency in any form, in my humble opinion. A peck on the cheek is also a method of showing intimacy without crossing the line.

There should never be a legal standard too conservative to wishfully accommodate for a multiracial country like Malaysia.

Lisajoehari said...

i wanna hold hands wherever i go cause i tend to'fly' into shops that my husband doesnt allow me to go. so, we hold hands.

but for kissing and hugging (the extra affectionate ones) perhaps cannot la. hehe