Monday, April 03, 2006

My tiny dilema

I've been making jewelries as a hobby. As my jewelry collection grows, i'm thinking to put it up for sale on the web. However, i have a tiny delima. Should i :

1. Post them up here on this blog
2. Set up another blog solely for my jewelry collection
3. Set up an ecommerce site for that purpose.

Currently, i'm undecided.

PS: something i'm in the midst of creating. I'm thinking = a flowery bracelet. :)


shawnchin said...

You can try selling them here oso :

Anonymous said...

You can create another blog under this same profile which will be dedicated to showcasing ur talents. That way, ur posts and ur jewellery will be nicely categorized and we still know its u who's selling them..

Nice blog, btw!

Fashionasia said...

shawn: ya, many beaders use etsy. Its pretty nice but it cost $0.10 per listing. Being the kiamsiap that i am, im looking for something free. kekeke :)

trinketfan: thanks for dropping by! Noted your comment and that was what i was thinking in choice 2. will see.

fishtail said...

You can sell them on ebay. I know of people who can make a living doing just that.

Anonymous said...

Very nice, fashionasia, I'm impressed ;). Did you go for classes to learn how to do this?