Tuesday, March 21, 2006

My Prejudice against Singaporean

I don't mean to be a prejudice but i confess, i absolutely have prepossess ideas of Singaporeans as snobby people who look down on Malaysians. My prejudices, most often than not were affirmed everytime i met one. Everytime i have to meet a singaporean, i'd just bite my teeth and sigh...oh no not another singaporean.....

Lately I happen to meet up with quite a number of Singaporeans due to the course of my work. I also had the opportunity to meet up with 2 from my recent interviews with potential employers happened to be HQed in LionLand.

I've been to about 5 interviews this year and 2 out of 3 were interviewed by Singaporeans who flewn in to conduct the interviews.

I must say that although I thought i did well, and they were pretty impressed with me, I was however not impressed with the way questions were asked, in sarcastical manner, a very "you are nobody, you are begging me for a job" manner. Which i detest, and it irked me even more that after your superior attitude, you then tell me that you're only gonna pay me a trainee pay (less than half of my current pay) for the first month. What??? I felt so insulted. Professionals my backside. Someore sing dollars are half of it which equivelant to a couple of hundred SGD only. :P I have commitments ok.

Somehow I felt much more at ease and well threated with Malaysian employers. 1 of which actually called me in quite a number of times which i went through 4 interviews in total. I'm quite certain i may get the job, however i'm not very certain if i would like to take up the offer though. Its gonna be a pretty tiring job nature, much the same as my current job but with higher target to achieve. gulp.......

However on a good note, i met up with another singaporean on thursday of whom is our vendor. He is the sweetest Singaporean I've ever met!!! OMG!!! very gentlemanly, very well mannered, Not a single trace of "i'm hollier than thou" attitude!!! This guy i must say is commandable, he totally saved the Singaporean race by being him!! haha.... I've never met such a nice singaporean guy, ever! Soooo, there are nice singaporeans after all!!! Plus, he is pretty good looking and tall too!! *winks*

ps. no offence to singaporeans for the generalization. This post is explicitly to express my feelings and thought only and not intended to spark off anything.


Jeremy C said...

totally share your sentiments - although not all are like that, but based on past experience, most sgs display the kind of attitude which you've just mentioned.

spiller said...

Well, it's pretty normal. Sometimes Malaysians look down on Indon/Filipinos as well.

Think of it, if Malaysia swap places with SG, do u think Malaysians will NOT behave the same?

We are all human, in the end.


I totally agree Fashionasia,
But I've encountered a few NICEEEE singaporeans and was truly delighted to have met them.
It was a NICEEEE surprise.