Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I guess If I Were to buy a car, I would probably go for those 1000cc

Was just chatting with the hubby about cars. Hubby's planning to get me a new car and waiting avidly for the new Civic to launch. However I was telling him that fine if he buys the car but who's gonna maintain it?!! Mua but of coz, and i sure as hell cannot afford to maintain a big car!! Of course my petrol and car maintenance is paid for now by the company but what if i decide to quit my job?? Now who's gonna pay my petrol?? Even his Audi drinks by the galant so most of the time if we were to go out we'll just hop into my mini cruz as its much easier to manuver through the jam and not to mention, PETROL SAVING.

I merely mentioned that i'd love to own a PICANTO. 1000cc Cheap and Cutey Mutey. He just LAUGHED and gave me a snigger.... NO Wayyyyyyy!!!
what......Picanto not nice meh?????


shawnchin said...
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shawnchin said...

Wan to save on maintenance, buy something "reliable" loh.. like the Reliant Robin!

Sure to turn heads wan... not that you don't already lah, but this one, even when you're hidden in the car.

Jeremy C said...


no lar, even if you wanted to save, get something nicer like the swift (1.3L)

picanto is just too....kiddish...hehe

but whatever you buy at the end of the day is fine, as it's your car to drive.

and agreed, the 20% increase in petrol price is kust killing all of us :(

Anonymous said... all should frequent the mechanic shop. The BF installed this dunno what fuel saver thing and it's really saving fuel (albeit a lil) for his car. I dunno how it works lah but his car is definitely modified kau kau to suit his needs.

Picanto looks nice if you put the bodykit and change your rims. I've seen one pearl white one on the road and i really wished that it was mine. Bugger. White summore!

Picanto is no.1 in Europe. Dun look down on it. Btw, if you wanna buy cars, make sure it arrives by June (latest) because after that, all cars will be locally made/assembled (including Toyota)

Swift is not worth the price. Dun get a Chevy either because there's a lot of problems to it. MyVi if you want to get is the best small local cars around so far. I would really love a Vitz...ah...the joy...better still....a Merc..the small one..lupa whats the name. 200k. Bummer.

Fashionasia said...

bluefish: beetle too expensive la, n reminds me of mickey mouse.

jeremyc: swift is nice.. :)

shawnC: my friend, that looks cute!! but can it balance well?? might as well hire a trishaw complete with audio surround sound!! haha....saw that when i was in Malacca. oh how the beca evolve.

skay: i think its the Merc A class ure talking about. :)

Jeremy C said...

yep, i agree with s-kay - Myvi is worth looking at. it's a pity they don't market the toyota echo here - nifty little car.

as for the fuel saving thing, it's probably a micro chip which is normally installed in cars with fuel injection system (not for carburetors) - to either boost power or, in this case, for fuel economy.

Haiyah, come to think of it, value for money is still the Kancil lar...haha.

spiller said...

Honda - the power of dream.

Lucky u. Your husband sayang u la!

When u quit then only sell it off la. Abbuten?

mystic said...

Oei u nuts meh,he wants to buy u civic u want picanto??? wahlau..different leh :P i wish got people buy me car *wink* hehe