Saturday, February 25, 2006

Fashion Inspiration

Recently I rummage through my heaps of clothings and manage to dispose off quite a few stack of clothes. Most of the time i just pass them over to my cousins because my "old" clothes are normally never old at all. hehe....some i've perhaps only worn once or twice. So the darlings just loveeee my clothes and they'll be beaming with smiles whenever they see them coming. Soooo, its all for a good cause, i getto rid off clothes i'm nolonger fond of to make room for new clothes!! Yey.....I'll have more excuses to go shopping.

I confess that since i got married i've developed a new sense of style/preference for daily wear. I wouldnt want to say that I've "aged" but I'm now really into "elegant+chic" look instead of the "cute+sweet" look.

Below are some that i've taken into liking from browsing through eLuxury. Of course, the price may scare you but then again, we are just window shopping here anyway.....

Georgette Wrap Blouse $175.00

Fashionasia: I just love wrap-around blouse, wrap-around skirts....wrap-around anything actually.

Fashionasia: ok no details about the dress coz i forgot to cut and paste. Actually, i don't quite like the pattern all that much but i just love the cutting of this skirt. And look at that sandals!! I Want!!!

James Perse
Ribbed-Waist Jersey Dress $135.00
SALE PRICE: $95.00

Fashionasia: Do you think this is just totally a Michelle Yeoh look?? Hehe......Cant help but really like the way this dress can pass off as formal or casual. For a more formal look, just put on a brooch or a chain belt and walla... Not to mention it looks really comfy too.

Robert Rodriguez
Hand-Crocheted Tie-Front Cardigan

Fashionasia: I think this is my favourite. Very chic! I just cant resist ribbons!! Andddd i just have a thing for black and white.

I have something to wrap-arounds that i find very irrisistable thus the 1st DKNY blouse totally got me inspired to buy something like that. Incidentally, i went shopping yesterday and had bought something pretty similar frm the Reject Shop!! And its only RM13. What a bargain. I also bought a kebaya top in maroon with tie-em-up lace infront. It is TO DIE FOR!!! soooo gorgeous. Though a tad pricy at 59.90 but I can't help it. :) I also bought myself a pair of Pierre cardin shoes at 50% off!

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I totally adore the James Perse dress.CAntik gila!! I also love things with ribbons...its just soo chic & elegant. I totally know which one you're referring to (kebaya maroon).I had eye it since January tapi tak beli2 lagi.But I saw someone wore it once, it didn't look that nice on her.maybe coz she didn't wear it fittingly.hehe..ENJOY YOUR NEW THINGIES..SOoo jeles....

Jenoya said...

Oh oh oh i so love that Hand-Crocheted Tie-Front Cardigan!!!! So so versatile. I just bought a black wrap around top at MNG for $49 kehehe I think thjey accidentally put the wrong tag during their Sale the other day. anyhow Sis, yes I married a Mat Hardcore (he said 'im not a mat rock')+ mat skater and yes he is skinny yahoo! heheh btw i love your page.