Thursday, March 23, 2006

Brush Away

This may seem like a normal brush but its not!! Its a speeeeciaaaallllll brush.
Guess what brush is this??

Answers tonite!! or tomorrow if i cant make it. Guess??

[UPDATE : miserable meh?? only 2 guesses????? haha.....OKLAH, you all no fun lah!! Thanks to Pu3 n Irene for participating. The answer is......................... its a BELLY BUTTON BRUSH!!!!!!! Cool eh??!!! Makes a great gift for people who already have like everytttthinggggg on earth and you cant possibly think of anything he/she doesn't have? :)]

PS: i got the job. The offer is not that great, short of what i asked for. But its an MNC so the perks are really awesome. Still thinking to go or not. :)


irenekay said...

brush to clean the keyboard??????
doesnt look like a cosmetic brush.....

anyway there's this make up brand in SG wang called Elianto....check out my blog

Fashionasia said...

aiyo my poor blog, nobody wanna guess ah???

very interesting brush leh!!
OK i give out answers tonite laaa


3in1 brush.
Brush your tears away, brush for your cheek and a tooth-brush!
hahahha..I give up la..

irenekay said...

harr???? where u get it from??? kekeke