Friday, March 03, 2006

The Art of Walking With a Broken Heel

I broke a heel. Its my favouritestttt pair of power 3 inch sandals. Carlo Rino, 2 White straps with black slingback. Simple and nice.

I had no idea when the heels gave way but as i was walking through a group of people down a long isle where all eyes were on me, I suddenly felt the heels giving way. Quickly realizing that the heels were about to snap on me any moment, I quickly work on my footwork. Of course I can't go down in front of what seems like gazzilian pairs of eyes on me??!!!! CAN DIEEE of embarrassment i tell you!! What more when you're wearing a sexy black number with a high slit right up your thighs. Now trying falling you tell me!! THAT'LL be a sight !!!

Sooooooo trying not to appear obvious, I gracefully sasshay my way by tipping my toe and made sure that all my weight doesnt go to the heels but to my toes. (Boy am I one heavy bag of beans!!!) Anyway, I manage to reach home in 1 piece without anyone noticing my broken 3 inch high heels. THAT takes some skills I tell ya! I guess my dance and gymnastics training had not gone to waste after all. women. Even if we were to fall, we MUST make sure we fall gracefully.

With my favourite pair of shoes KO, Im on a mission to replace it. :)
I found some rather lovely replacements from Gunmetal Shoes.

This is a lovely satin white shoes with black bead work. Very elegant.

This is a white leather shoe with slingback. With black crisscross ribbons. Lovely.

Lastly, my favourite, button flower sandals!! So sweet and lovely.

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Jeremy C said...


Now that's how you differentiate the ladies from the women ;)

Wish I could've been there to see it...

blinka.Li said...

ei, just repair it la! safe some money wo! our DPM ask us to change lifestyle u forget aleli?

the heel repair shop at Hartamas Shopping Complex is good.

I like the 2nd pair of shoes though

Anonymous said...

hey....i would like to ask if you could recommend where to get nice and cheap evening wear/prom dress? said...

LOL at Jeremy's comment. This seperates the ah lians from the non-ahlians. Ah Lian would have bended down, pull the heel and went KNNMCB! Nice shoes there! Envy envy.

Anonymous said...

wah...syiok!!! the shoes look HOT!!


lovely shoes. esp first and second.mmm gunmetal?never heard of the brand.maybe becoz its the high end kind?

Anonymous said...

hullo there, may i know where I can purchase the 2nd pair of shoe? Or where to find any nice pair of white covered heels? Need it for my work...

Fashionasia said...

JeremyC: aww....blush.... :) nowadays repair oso expensive leh!!!might as well buy a new pair

anonymous: Where to find cheap and nice evening dress/prom dress? I actually need more info in order to provide a better recommendation. However(assuming u are talking about Malaysia), the other day i was walking through Petaling Street and i saw some pretty decent looking evening gowns(good enough to wear for wedding). Cheapest was like RM79.90 VERY CHEAP!!!! up till about RM 399 or RM599. Cant remember the name of the shop but just go walking through Petaling Street. Its towards the end, on the left. Its a shop not a stall. Hope this helps. Email me in private if u need more help. No charge for consultation :)

Lilian: haha...sometimes i can oso be very ahlian, when i put on my ahbeng glasses!!

skay: ya tell me bout it!! hope to find something similar

pu1pu3: i oso never heard b4 la....lotsa brands we don have in Msia yet.But then, not like we can afford them oso la..hehe

anonymous: I also wanna know!! The shoes here are from Gunmetal. You can get them online via
Else if u wanna buy some good court shoes, Hush puppies or Scholls are noteworthy cos they're very comfortable. You can try Pierre Cardin from jusco 1Utama, I saw 1 beige with brown ribbons kinda similar to this second pair. Renoma also have nice working shoes though a tad pricey.

mystic said...

Wei woman,

Get Ferragamo lah:P got nice white stripe shoes leh :P

Anonymous said...

Wow!great collection of shoes.last one is realy very cute..that resembles my Nike shoes.Nice pics!