Tuesday, March 07, 2006

International Womens Day 8th March

Sorry for the lack of posting. I'm in a series of BAD luck. Flat tires yesterday, today the in-laws almost burn down the house Thank GOD for neighbours!!! lotsa appointments in KL!! ARGH HATE KL traffic!!! I need a breather so chill!!

Oh ya, forgot about the title....So its International Womens Day 2morrow so I thought I'd let you know. So what??? Soooooooooo.......Do something womenly Shopping!!! haha....Lotsa sales around, Jusco sales, Metrojaya sales, Parkson Sales.....everywhere sales! Go crazy women! You deserve it.

*Fashionasia having a Kit Kat break*


Jeremy C said...

happy women's day!!

spiller said...

go girl.


What do we do actually today?
Women's day?I heard on mix about battered women. I guess its more for them than us?betul ke?
I'm slightly confused.

irenekay said...

sigh...... if we woman would be given a hols TODAY.......and let the man do the job....