Thursday, February 09, 2006

The V word and my romantic tale

V-day. Loathed by all male species and all single female species.

heh...The people that love this day the most are florists and gift shop owners.

Howabout Ms.Fashionasia? Nope, never celebrated Vday for many years now. If considering my time with Mr.Fashionasia, it would be 7 years now this year.

I guess most trill I had was during my days in highschool (or secondary school the way malaysians call it). Being rather popular myself ahem..... normally Vday is the time where I receive cards from secret admirers but i never did receive roses except for my birthdays la. Why leh??? Id like to tell you mushy stories but then, i wouldnt want this friend of mine who happen to blog n read my blog too (You know who you are, yes you SC!) to laugh at me :P

Nontheless, since its the romantic season. I'd like to share my romantic story.
Lets see, Ms.Fashionasia digs through her memory bucket for a romantic story.....hmm....okay, this did not happen during Vday la but it was on my bday. But nevermind, i still think its the sweetest thing a boy could ever do.

Ya see, I used to be a prefect and thus i arrive real early to school every morning. This particular morning on my birthday, I arrived school early as usual. Not many ppl in my class yet cept for a couple of my fellow prefect comrads. I was greeted with smiles and grins when i stepped into class. I thought, hmmmmmm....why the funny look on their faces.... Then i walked to my desk. FUHHHYOHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! I had a shock of my life. My desk!!! (Ya know those old school wooden table, slightly woggly table) It was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO beautifully decorated I almost choked. I don't know if i was happy or what but I was TOTALLY EMBARRESSEDDDDDDD..... my face turned red as tomato instantly. I cant remember exactly how it looked like because I hurried to remove all the deco's before MORE people come into class la....
The desk was neatly wrapped up with beautiful wrapping paper and sprinkled with lovely dried roses petals.... there were wordings and sorts all covered up neatly with a transparent plastic cover, nicely thumbtacked to the desk. Aiyohhh if i actually had the hots for the guy I would most probably melt. Also, there were chocolated tucked in the desk drawer of course. Aiyo so sayang to have them removed, but I SHY Laaaa.

I was later told that this guy came to school in the evening the day before and spent quite some time to deco up the desk for me. Truth is, i was touched beyond words. that Mr. is very romantic indeedy. For a boy still schooling, its very very romantic. Sometimes, actions touches the heart more than anything money could ever buy. Women/girls are suckers for romantic acts rather than material things because its priceless.

So, maybe you might wanna share your romantic story this season?

7 comments: said...

Wow, that's totally, totally mushy! Poor guy! LOL. The one I remembered of is one VD when my boss sent me a bouquet, an almost ex-bf sent me one and my future bf (now hubby) sent me one. Wallah, three bouquets of pink, mixed and red (in that order) roses to make the colleagues green. Nothing romantic, just materialistic.

Jeremy C said...

yerrr...lucky Fashionasia, but poor guy :P

really mushy story indeed, heh

Anonymous said...

and then? what happened? tell lah, don't suspen liddat lar...

Anonymous said...


How come I din see wan?? I oso go school early woh...

I think i have an idea of who it might have been,.. but then again, you had so many admirers, it could have been anyone :p


Chewah chewah.First time I ever heard of this kind of a romantic gesture. VEry mature for a school going kid, i must say. CAn't remember now what was the most romantic thing that's happened to me..nanti ya.bila ingat..i will comment.hehe.
Lucky you.

Fashionasia said...

lilian: wah.....envynyaaaaaaaa!!!! 3 bouquet???? U lucky women you!!

jeremy: would looooooveeeeeee to hear YOUR stories!!

simon: ah then nothing happen la....just some admirer ni... i very ICE QUEEN those days...

SC: kekeke......u dunno cos u go to school LATER than me okay, hint: the fella now itu kirja loktor pyiaa

pu3: chewah chewah......bila u ingat, blogkan aje!!

Anonymous said...

Eii.. i go very early wan leh... to put my bag. And sign prefects attendance. After that go mamak. Sometime recess oni come back. hehehe.

Loktor ah? Hmm.. *garu kaupala*

simon: Yes yes. she very Air Batu wan. kebal to all the romeo-ing becos too used to it liao. Since tadika oso got little boi go after her liao.