Wednesday, February 08, 2006

To Have or not to have??

A Maid. That is the question.

Seriously? I dont' want one because of all the horror stories i've heard of. However, due to my working schedule, I desperately need one to help around the house. Poor MIL so old already needs someone to help around the house la. The SIL, not married spinster but never lift a finger. precious princess. sigh....

Anybody know where I can find domestic help??

No, not those live-in helpers but those who come by like twice a week?

If you happen to know of any please please drop me an email. Will appreciate it greatly.



Hi Fashionista,
I know a very reliable indonesian help. We used her service a few years ago to clean up the company's apartment and she does excellent work. She usually charge RM50-70 for a day's work (abt 4 hrs of cleaning). I think this is reasonable seeing that she cleans the ceiling as well;she climbs here and there like a spiderwoman. At the moment she cleans a lot of houses around Subang Jaya area and is trying to reduce her working time there. She prefers areas in KL. But just let me know if you're interested. I'll give you further details later. ok?

Anonymous said...

There used to be this Indian lady who cleans on a day-to-day basis too but too bad, she retired adi coz she saved enough money for the husband to open a business. She's brilliant and she cleaned almost 3/4 of the houses at my block.

Maybe you should just hire your SIL. Perhaps money would make her lift her precious fingers =P