Monday, February 06, 2006

Jac The Juara

I watched the "20th Anugerah Juara Lagu" yesterday , alternating btwn 8TV (Taiwanese gameshow or sorts)and TV3, Juara Lagu was shown Live from PWTC broadcast on TV3.
Hmm...this year they have a red carpet ala golden globes. Not bad, improving. Kartini looked gorgeous. She's 1 of the host for 3R if you dont already know. Actually I bumped into her at the gass station not long ago. She was so petite!!!! Very small girl she is!!!!! And i told her that. Ya, and she told me the camera is very mean. I mean she looks chubby on TV but in real life..... SO SMALL!!!! Gulp....i guess that shattered my dream to become a media artist?? kkekeke....I'm like GIGANTIC size compared to Kartini!! hah...
Daphne Iking was pretty as usual but a little too scrawny now, and thats on TV mind you, cant imagine her in real life. You need some padding girl.

Nothing much to comment on the results, just that Jac totally deserves to win. She is just so overwhelming I'm proud of her. Hope she stays humble. She have perfect control of her voice and the mic. I like.

Fashion critics:
uhm.....I like the way Malaysians dress. Oh correction, I like the way Malaysian ladies dress. Very elegant indeed. Thumbs down for the guys....most of you guys were wayyyyyy too casual. You can do better yo'.

Secondly, Whats with the miss-match/clashes of the make-up & clothings?????
Ok, not trying to pick on anyone but whats with Misha Omar wearing black n red with Pink eyeshadow????
Jac was wearing Orange but with Pink lipstick??
I thought they were divine looking but there's a little off somewhere...little rough on the edges.......and i guess their make-up artist needs some improvement, unless i'm like so outdated that this IS THE TREND that i do not know off??? Nurul needs a better make-up too and some loose powder.

Other than that, Siti looks gorgeous as always....Sheryl Samad the host is very cute and pleasing to the eye. I love her. We were in the same college during her "KFC hour" days....not that we know each other la...heh... I cant even remember if we were ever in the same class.

Almost every lady have been sponsored by Rafflesia for jewellaries. They are lovely but I don't actually like to see 1 brand dominating the entire event.Everyone was wearing pearls!!!left pearls right pearls up pearls down pearls.l...everywhere pearlssss......!! I'd like to see more sponsors next time. err......i dunno if its just me but for Jac's final outfit...her earrings and her necklace does'nt really match. Plus i think the pearls were a little to big for her petite frame.

Loreal was the official sponsor for the night. I must say that they did pretty well. I like the red carpet idea. But we need more camera's there. I felt that there were too little celebrities shown.


Anonymous said...

It's the theme that made them make up that way =) Ala 50-an like that wan the make up

Jeremy C said...

wow, after my hiatus and i come back to such a gorgeous blog - nice header, girl :) i like!

siedne said...

hmm, i think u shud post pics of the ppl u mentioned. i missed most of the show la..

oh yea, jac's dressing was weird. the colour on her skin tone was not so good. she did the same at the last msian idol finals, some navy blue. badd. make-up was ok, but not with that baju la.

post pics! i wanna see wat the rest wore! :D

Fashionasia said...

skay: oh nowonder....but i still feel its very 'off" somewhere...heh

jeremy: heh....thanks!!! spent very little time to do oni...

siedne: wish i have the pics to show u but this aint the grammy ler...cant find throughout the internet. You may wanna drop by the magazine shop n flip around ;)


Spot on, fashionista. I missed the red carpet but I agree with the pearls though. Last time rafflesia only sponsored jade. So the artist had to don the jade. I remembered Nurul wearing a pink floral dress with jade. It was a mismatch of course. But they had to make the sponsors happy right? I'm sure they knew that they were going to use jade, why didn't they tailor their clothes to match the color? Donnno la these people punya fashion sense.
You noticed Jac's pearl too?mmm..i thought they were hideous as they didn't match her orange dress at all. Siti, o siti, always lovely..hahah..bias!


HI Siedne,
You can view soem of the clothes at my blog or you can go to and click under AJL20 and there are loads of photos there. THat's y I got mine from.
Sorry, fashionista, a bit of advertising. Jgn marah ya?