Monday, February 13, 2006

Syrup juice from Canned fruits + Ribena = BLUE+PURPLE ???? whatde??

*3rd post for the day!! wow...that sure is no appointment a little*


Yesterday FIL opened a can of mata kuching (I have no idea what brand).

Hubby, me and FIL eating...gulp gulp.....finish. *Wipe mouth*

Then, I saw that there is a little syrup left and some ice so I thought, Dont waste lah.
Soooooo, I poured some Ribena and added water and keep inside the fridge.

Later at night, MIL asked who made the ribena .....she say she drank 3 cups.....yum...think she liked it.

I thought, wow, must be very nice loh........

So i took the left-overs from the fridge and poured into a WHITE color mug.............and GOODNESSS ME!!!!!!!
Its horrible!!! The RIBENA totally changed color. It was PURPLE!!!!! i know i know, Ribena is suppose to be purple duh!!!!
But noonono, trust me, it was like BLUEish and PURPLElish and....yucks...looks like water color.

I quickly pour away all the left over and rinse the tupperwear.

I dare not tell MIL what she drank ....gulp...........

*fashionasia whispers: shhhh.......u dun tell i dun tell, sweep it under the carpet k.*

Somebody with chemistry background care to tell me what kinda chemical reaction just happened back there?


Anonymous said... :P

dun worry lar, we've been consuming so much crap oredi at the moment. sure np wan. :)

mana meme??? :)

happy valentine's day! *hugs*

ROYAL JESTER said... funny la your post ni.Keep em coming.

fishtail said...

Some people would call it 'Lycheebena', lolz. Reminds me of some of the stuff they serve at newly opened fusion-restaurants these days.