Tuesday, January 24, 2006

This season I'm into Tube Glosses

I've talked about the SilkyGirl juicy fruity brush-on lip gloss the other day which i really gave plus points for the price and the brush. However, the texture of the gloss is rather ok. Skay mentioned about it making her lips crack. Honestly, after a couple of weeks trying them, i too realized that it does make my lips crack a little. Nonetheless, i still think its a good bargain. Com'on what can you expect for RM9.90 right??

Prior to buying the silkygirl. I've been using this one (inset) from Estee Lauder. I know i've been talking alot about Estee Lauder. Can't help it ma, its my favourite brand werr..... And i'm not being paid to write good reviews for them, i just happen to like their stuffs alot. I don't really know howmuch is this Estee Lauder Pure Pops Lip Gloss is retailing at because i got this for free. Texture wise, this tube is really lovely, very moists and does not make your lips crack at all. The scent is also very nice with sweet fruity fragrance. Although i would really love for it to have an applicator brush attached to the tube. Other than that, its absolutely gorgeous applied as top coat for the pouty lips affect. Or, for a simple day out, just apply it by itself.


irenekay said...

I go for Lancome and Shu Uemura.... for juicy tubes.... and Stila(mahal man for small ml)
I'm still a sucker for MAC product...:P
I've tried Loreal's juicy tubes and frankly speaking, i hate it!! Thank goodness i got it from a warehouse sales. it just doesn blend in.... mebe i'm still a sucker for designer one..:P
as chinese says " Yat fan Chin Yat fun For"

Anonymous said...

hello.. juz happen to pass by n look at dis blog... before ya apply lip gloss/lip stick.. its essential to put on lip balm to moisturise ya lips... after applying e lip balm.. wait for a while.. ya can do other parts of ya makeup for ya face.. den apply e lipgloss... it works for me.. try it..