Saturday, January 21, 2006

About Colored Contact Lenses

I first started to use colored contacts 7-8 years ago.
I SOOOOOOOOOOO wanted the blue one but i was too conservative to try thus i chose a more subtle color, much closer to my original eyecolor. The color Hazel. My eyecolor is brown. Dark brown la but sometimes under the sun, i kinda look like mix. Even without my lenses people ask me if i was wearing colored lenses. The hubby, he likes staring into my brown eyes and tried to guess where i got those from because his eyes are black....pure chinese cinamen BLACK. kekeke.......So eventhough i assured him that i'm pure chinese, he always wondered if i was somehow a "kacukan". Perhaps somewhere down the family history got some mix la....But as far as i know, both sides are chinese, both maternal & paternal grandparents are chinese too. Great grandparents?? er....duno but i think so is chinese la. But then, hailing from up north, mom told me we may have some mix either malay or thai. I really dont know the history but ya....i don't look chinese. Looking mix makes it much easier to adorn the colored lenses. It doesnt appear that much obvious so that i don't feel too selfconscious..

I loved all my colored lenses. I''ve been using them once awhile especially during special occasions. So far i've tried Hazel, Grey and Purple. All these 3 colors are fantastic. I remembered once i was at a petrol station waiting for my ride when this guy walked pass me. He walked quite a distance, then he turned around and walked back to my direction. He came up to me and told me " i just wanted to tell you, that color looks nice on you (pointing at my eyes)" i was wearing the purple one. He then added " I bet brown looks even nicer". I was taken by surprise that a stranger would come up and talk to me that way but i was quite happy about it. Oh okay, i din know what to say la but i did manage a thanks for the compliment.

Anyway, I used the one in grey on the wedding day but the simvue lenses that supposed to last me 3 months was torn in 1 month. Chey......I think i'm gonna get me a blue one this time. Haven't tried it but i think i'm up for it! I hope i don't look scary....teehee.. Oh, the one i bought normally costs between RM70-RM90 and lasts for about 3 months or so. If you havent tried colored lenses and want to try one, i'd recommend going for the grey color. Its really very nice, makes you look like you have dreamy eyes.


Anonymous said...

grey? like sayuri in memoirs of a geisha. hmmm, got cheaper ? where u got them?

Anonymous said...

hi miss, I am an eyecare professional, This is no colour lenses that can last for three months. I know there are a lot of irresponsible distributors in malaysia. From the FDA-USA, we know the lenses material is recommended for one month. unfortunately they re-packed the lenses and they print 3 month disposible on the boxes. Some irresponsible shop may tell u that the disposible coloured lenses can last for three months. I give u one example. tutti colour from malaysia has printed 3 months on the box, if u go the internet, and buy from korea factory, they recommend u to change monthly, not 3 month. that is really sad isn't it. poor malaysian.

Fashionasia said...

Anon: thanks for the insight. So how long can a one-day contact lense last?? duh right? 1 day but or course! just wondering if i can stretch the 1 day lense to perhaps 3 days?? will there be any harm to my eyes....

Miss Ceria said...

Hello there:) I could imagine how beautiful you are:) chinese with thai mix, that is surely exotic!

I have very light brown eyes. When I was a kid up till teenager, whilst contact lenses were hardly available back then, people compliment my eyes without any reservations. But since contact lens flooded the scene, I've been accused of wearing contact lenses. They accuse me of being fake and a poser. Once I was wearing glasses then a girl asked in a very irritated tone,"Hey, why are you wearing glasses?!" (and she's wearing glasses herself) I said,"Uhm...because I can't see well?" Those weren't good experiences, that's for sure! Sometimes it makes me feel very down:( Only those who really know me (like family, old friends, husband, ex-housemates, etc) know for sure that those are my real eyes and not contacts. So... sometimes I don't know if its a blessing or otherwise to have light brown eye colors for an asian (I'm Malay with mixed ancestry)

Anyway if you have the time, do visit my blog:

Keep up the good work <3

Gorgeous Lens said...

Yes it certainly make you look gorgeous with those big color eyes.
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