Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Great Year 2006 will be!

I just realized I havent posted anything this year. Sorry to be 4 days late but Happy New Year folks!!!

Friends commented that I lost some weight. Ya, been dieting and skipping meals pre-wedding n all......i dont know why I didn't manage to loose the weight during/before the wedding but only started seeing the difference now!! Talking about slow...sheeeshh........ work with me now body....*rolls eyes*

heh....lost about 5kgs i estimated(ya im no typical girl who weights themselves every day....i hate the scales!). Yippiey!!!! well, thats still not counting the 5 kgs i intend to loose this year as per my new year resolution. ;) That'll bring me back to my weight about 7 years ago in college days. kekeke
Been eating normal these days so i would presume i'd gain about 1kg in no time. all the "extra" "forgiveable" once a year celebration makan. ok ok .....i know...excuses to indulge ....but its christmas & new year weyyyyyy!!! excuseable what.....

I wanna go to a romantic getaway with the hubby before the actual honeymoon. Where can I go locally??? I love PD Avillion (i know u'd suggest that skay....been there already ..hehe) But other than that, where else can i go? I want somewhere near. I found out about Tanjung Jara Resort which looks very attractive. But a little too far. Bukit Tinggi?? errr.....don quite like. Frazers n Cameron is nothing new. Anybody have suggestions?


fishtail said...

Pre-honeymoon? Considered Pangkor Island? Or Pangkor Laut (more expensive)? Pangkor Island is really not too bad, especially now that business has gone down a bit with the tsunami scare and all.

Anonymous said...

How about Langkawi?


Anonymous said...

Tioman Tioman!!! Seriously, I'm also looking for somewhere nearby..if can..less than 2 hours journey by car..ahaha

Fashionasia said...

seriously, Id like to go redang but this is not the season. Even club med is closed during monsoon. ya. club med is another destination id like to go.

At this current moment. Yup skay, 1-2hours drive preferably!! hehe....
Stargazer: cyberview lodge is something in my mind. But i heard its very pricey??

fishtail & p : all i also never been before!! but i think now is not the good season being rainy n all.

Anonymous said... for their site. Actually I have a whole post on them in my November archive and its link there. One night I think about..gosh..I know it's expensive but the spa there like so SYIOK

mystic said...

eh women, cyberview lodge or shang putrajaya isnt bad.

Can get discount at Cyberview me if u still want.