Monday, October 10, 2005

Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

If you havent already noticed, its pink everywhere!!

Yes, pink!! No its not just about fashion, its fashion with a cause.
This month of October have been declared as the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month by the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Have you noticed the pink ribbons? Ya, The pink ribbon is associated with the breast cancer awareness campaign. Why pink? well, my guess is that pink is normally associated with women. And also, there is this phrase that goes "in the PINK of health" ??
So its just obvious that
we are now encouraging people to think pink.

It delights me when pink is THE color. Because since the campaign, i can't get my eyes off the internet browsing for more pink stuffs!! They are so pretty!! The color is soft and sweet and although pink is not my favourite color, as a female i still adore stuffs in pink. ;)

Many organizations have pledged themselves to this campaign and pledged to donate some percentage of their revenue to contribute to the research for breast cancer, which indeed is a noble act. Estee Lauder and Avon are amongst those that have been active promoting and pledging for the cause. Aside from them, many designers as well as individuals have come up with variety of stuffs in pink especially for the cause and they are all such an eye candy.

Visit BCRF for more info:

Visit Estee Lauder, they have lovely limited edition Pink Ribbon pin and compact

Also you may want to visit Avon

Avon Shopping
oh boy you guys have to go shop at Avon!!! Its just irrisistable!!!! Look at them!!! The pink ribbon products are so sweet.


PS: i wanted to make my text all pink but decided not to so that i don't blind your eyes. heh..

Fashionasia Says Think Positive Think Pink!!!


Anonymous said...

Go buy more Estee Lauder's stuffs =P

Jeremy C said...

Good on ya, girl, I linked you up on my site cos I'm promoting the campaign for my doctor friends in Sarawak GH...

Fashionasia said...

skay: spent too much on estee lauder last month!! and my facial cleanser gotta finish soon. gotta save up!!!

jeremyc: ohhhhhhhhhh.....dats cool!! do u happen to know Dr.Yeow???

oh..........and anyone know where i can find AVON retail?? Any walk-in shops in any of the shopping centres? I heard the shampoo is good, prob wanna give it a try.