Monday, October 10, 2005

About Warehouse sales

I received an email from 1 of my readers a couple days ago. Hey girl i hope you don't mind me replying through my blog here.

I quote part of her email here:
"........... i noticed that recently you seldon put in any warehouse sales post. please put in more and i would love to see you comment on it. thax............."

Fashionasia answers:

hey girl! thanks so much for reading! Ya, i seldom put up warehouse sales info recently. Why? Its because i MJ is already doing it at 1 of her blogs. So i thought well, why publish redundant info?... Just head over to her site at to find out more about the recent sales activities. Another site that i frequent to find out about latest sales is

You gotta be selective in visiting the warehouses cos i've been to my fair share of them and some are kinda dissappointing with stuffs and clothes that isn't worth buying at all.........kinda like 2nd hand goods at times....
In my opinion, if there are too many brands involved?? i think i'd pass. However if its a in-house brand for example like the MPH warehouse sales or the yearly diethelm sales (i like the scholls warehouse sales or rather my mom likes it) hehe..... But seriously for working shoes i usually buy them there cos sandals costs about RM 120 i normally get them at around RM 70 during the warehousesales. That genuine sales to me.

Okie doks. Thats all ! if u have any other questions just drop me an email!!

Fashionasia out!

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Anonymous said...

I went to the Perfume warehouse sale. Bugger...the Davidoff lady was a freakin' bitch I tell ya. I thought I was sensitive but apparently, Mr.BF's friend also kena the same treatment. I regretted not making a big scene out of it and be uncivilised for once!