Monday, October 24, 2005

I like Men who is.............

1. Smart with high IQ and can strike up an intellectual conversation anytime and from whome i can get my questions answered.

2. Specky with short spiky-gel-ed hair

3. A men who knows fashion, brands and actually spends enormous money on them. (so gay!!! I know!!!! haha)

4. Earns a more enormous sum than the enormous amount that he spends

5. Slightly shy but tries to put up a front that he is not but we have xray eyes to see that he's turning pink.......sweeet.

6. Always dress neat n smart, never sloppy (so gay...)

7. Fair or slightly tanned but with beautiful skin (so so gay)

8. With a beautiful set of dimples when he smiles bashfully

9. Born with Big and deep set of eyes

10. Generous and have a heart for children and old people.

gosh......i think i like gay men more than straight men. LOL

Ironically, i think Mr.Practical only posseses item #1. Well, Thank goodness for that, else i may need to worry.


lainieyeoh said...

*raises eyebrow*

that was a weird list.

Fashionasia said...

weird eh??? *giggles*
i knowwww
heh.......lets just say im a geeky fashionista with weird taste in men?...

mystic said...

Hey, sounds like ST lah. He has most of the qualities except the hair & the specky part...hehehehe

Anonymous said...

i know exactly what u mean...
totally are really good in putting all that into words..hahaha...
#1,3 & 4 ~ Extremely agree
#5 ~ such a bonus, so sweet~^^

fishtail said...

I have #1 and #10, but based on the others, I kena knocked-out in Round One liao.

irenekay said...

oohhhhh yeahh baby... i luff guys like that... I know a fren (straight) almost have all the qualities u mention (except the specky part) but then, he's too vain and whiney (plus sensitive)!!!!

My boy only posess #6 #9 #10
and super punctual!!!! even tho i've been making him wait for past 2 years!!

Peter said...

I have 2,5,7 only. Not qualified.
As for 3 & 4! I am trying!!

JellyGirl said...

For some reason, I really like guys with one earring (isn't that so gay too!). I think it's got to do with the whole bad boy persona. :)

Anonymous said...

The BF's FRIEND has all of what you listed cept no.9. No.10 (I dunno that one coz I dun know him well enough to judge him)

Too bad he drinks liquor like water and he smokes like a chimney. Darn it and oh oh...too bad I met the BF first before him. LOL