Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Why Sometimes I Just Want to Quit My Job

1. The Biggest Boss never appreciates a single thing i do

I'm in sales and yes i admit i'm way behind my target but hey i'm the only one in the sales team that is actually bringing deals in. I contribute 80% of the revenue in my division eventhough we have 4 person working on sales. But well, eventhough my immediate boss appreciates me very much, sadly the Big big boss doesnt. Everytime he sees me he ask me the same 2 question. "So hows sales?" "Must bring more sales". I mean at least show some appreciation right. Eventhough the value is not much but at least i brought well known corporate clients into the picture and it certainly helps boost your company profile!! I mean, if not, you wouldnt have so many huge names in your beautiful client list brochure. I'm accounted for almost half of the names you put there!!

2. No increament for the past 2 years

Well, ya i admit i havent done well so i play a part in this....but sucks. Immediate boss pushed for my increment this year but Boss No.1 wants to "restructure" the sales scheme......everybody got their increment already except sales ppl, which means yours truely. BAH HUMBARGGG ....

3. Cinamen company with cinamen attitude (READ : OLD FASHION) way for me to get my ideas through.

Once it was the time of the year to send greeting cards. So i actually found a very innovative greeting card that can be folded into a pen-holder + calendar + advertisement+ greeting card thingy. I totally love the idea. So, i put forth my request. In the COO's room, i was laughed at by the COO, the HR Manager and another Manager............
They say its unconventional, that its got no standard.....yadda...yadda....
I felt the prick in my heart that i actually went to the ladies and sat there for a good half-an-hour with tears streaming down my cheeks uncontrollably.
In the end they sent those typical centre fold greeting card with the company logo embossed in gold. ptuiiii!!!!
I bet every single thousand pieces they sent gone to the trash. Comeonla greeting cards are so so common we receive so many of them every year i know i always throw them away. Whereas if i had my way, my greeting card choice would perhaps stay in the desk of some executives for a good whole year cos its got a calendar on it. Not forgetting your company logo, name and offering will also be part of the deco. And if they like it, they might keep using it as a pen holder for much longer than the calendar lasts.

4. Getting funds for marketing merchandize can be such a pain.
"Why spend so much money" is a question that is very difficult to justify.

5. I work in the "Geeky" Industry where as I love beauty and fashion
somehow i just feel that i'm in the wrong line of industry. I wonder when will i ever have the opportunity to embark on what i want to do.....Fashion & Beauty Review writing. Wow, that'll be cool.

I'm not simon so i only do 5. hehe.....

PS. I'm SOOOOOOOO gonna shut down this site if THE Boss ever finds out.



I re-read my post and i feel that i sound like a complain queen. Which in truth I am not.
I am totally against people who complain about their bosses or the company they work for.
Personally, I'm totally commited to my work, the company and especially my boss. I'm the type that wouldnt mind working to the wee hours at night to complete my task and meeting deadline. I wouldnt bid an eyelid if my boss ask to me go back to work on saturdays or sundays even. I seldom complain about my work. This is the first time i'm rendering my frustrations out. I just want to say that i do not encourage employees to complain about the boss or company. Employees should do their work to the best they can and be commited. Okie dokie??

In the mean time, Fashionasia crossing fingers and toes hoping for the best in the restructure.

Sorry guys i've gotta disable the comment feature for now. Crazy blog spammers!!! Leave my blog alone !!!!
Other genuine ppl who would like to drop some advise to me can just drop me an email at fashionasia(at)

(i'm enabling back the comments but id be monitoring. If more spams i gotta shut it off )


Anonymous said...

Wah, so cham wan ar your bosses? U poor thing... Sounds like time to choose new bosses ;P

Anonymous said...

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Darren said...

Checked and Balanced eh?.. hahahha

Yoong Family said...

eh, your blog kena comment spamming la.

anyway, are you seriously considering changing jobs?

anjali* said...

Aiyo. So sorry to hear about your job.

And yes, it's very difficult to do a Top 10. Only Simon has that talent. :-)

Anonymous said...

prolly it's time to start looking at the classifieds...i know it's not easy to move on to another new job etc, but i'd think that u deserve better :)


irenekay said... blog is up finally...

Anonymous said...

we all have this kind of wait and see attitude toward our job, we always hope the boss will one day regconise our effort, so we just stay and hard working, rant and work, rant and work.