Monday, August 08, 2005

Please swear lesser can or not???

I detest reading blogs with lotsa swear words.
Personally i never swear before in my entire life and i don't intent to start anytime soon.
If you know me i'm a type of person who don't easily get influenced. I adhere to my principals and i maintain myself as such.

Lately i've been reading alot of blogs. Some of which i found myself enjoying but some i find disturbing. I particularly hate to read blogs that i like which is funny but consist of N amount of swear words that i have to read. You see when I read I have the words pronounced in my mind and when i do so, i even read out those swearwords. Subconciously i found myself sometimes swearing in my mind when things doesnt go my way. GASPPP!!!!! horror of all horrorss!!! what have become of me??!!!

I know i know, swearing is no big deal....its just another word, not like its the end of the world or anything of that sort. But i just hate to have the words swirling in my mind. Its like uncleaness. It like tainting the karma.....its like...i don't know.......reducing to rubbles the good thoughts in my head..........aiyohhhh..... wouldn't understand.

I know its none of my business ppl will start telling me things like " you dont like mah dont read loh!!!"

hehe.....yaya....i know......but i love to read good blogs........but please swear lesser can or not??!!

Fashionasia .......think butterflies.......pretty ribbons......little ponies........snowflakes........


Boringest said...

finally someone brave enough to say something about it! I agree too =)

Darren said...

Meditate... Do not fall to the dark side!

lynnee said...

talking bout swear blogs i just read one before coming to yours.

guy really use chow ah beng language. really made my day (NOT).

& no, i will not be posting the link to his "dirty" post here... dowan to contaminate ppl's blog :)

cheers :)

zyrin said...

i go through the same thing - pronouncing the words in my mind. i dunno... it doesn't feel right. but then, who are we to tell others what / how to write, other than suggest nicely, right?

Anonymous said...

Fuck off.

Michelle said...

heh. i guess i won't ever get u as a regular reader then huh..
friends have been telling me privately that i swear too much.

trying... too... cut... down.

irenekay said...

i swear when i drive.....:P
I dunno, I'm used to say
fcuk or WTF....but not those colourful hokkien...hahaha..

ABC said...

aiya.....don't swear lar.......for sounds so ugly and make people only shows that the person who swear have a ugly heart cos he tries to provoke people....

Fashionasia said...

boringest : Glad you think the same

darren : do it together now......UuumMmmmm.......UUUUmmmmmm

lynne : plenty where those come from!!! ;) But those ppl that swear in hokkien very farneee !! haha

zyrin : yaloh...dats y i never leave my comments about them swearing in their blogs ma...i confine my rants at my own blog.....pun got ppl tak syiok wor...

anonymous: Thank you. Same to you.

michelle: Well, lets say even if i'm appelled at too much swearing, i still read them la(good blogs)....cos darn farnee....I just need to control myself from pronouncing them in my head. ;)

Irene: i also swear but i only say things like "coconut" or "chicken chop" or some substitute words!! kekeke....does shit count as swearing? cos i say alot of shit.

once_in_a_life_time: yaloh!!!! the words you speak actually do portray the heart IMHO.

eyeris said...

I swear too much in real life already... no need to do that on my blog.

Besides, I DO believe that swearing out loud is ok, but when it's put down in writing, it just cheapens the writing somehow... So I try not to swear as much as I can when writing anything, even my own personal diary.

Of course, I still use words like 'Bloody' or Dammmit or Hell, but that's about it.

Anonymous said...

Who were you referring to anyway? FULL TRANSPERANCY. NAME THE CULPRIT! YEAHHHHH!

Anonymous said...

I'm with anonymous - but each to their own eh?